Sunday, September 20, 2009

A GREAT College Football Saturday

Is there anything better than another college football Saturday?


First I want to update our Italian readership on a few scores.

Brandon Bennett's Willamette team defeated Southern Oregon 22-15.

Matt Epperson's Hardin-Simmons University lost to Louisiana College 7-28.

Jason Johnson's Arizona Wildcats lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes 17-27.

Denver Wade continues his winning ways at Wabash as the Little Giants destroyed Chicago 48-10.

As for my Saturday, I will take you through it in chronological not emotional order.

Brian FitzGerald joined me on the short drive to California Lutheran University (0-1) to watch the Kingsmen's home opener vs. the Pacific Lutheran Lutes (0-1).

Part of the reason for going to this particular Division III game was the fact that Jason Johnson's grandfather, Frosty Westering, was the long time, Hall-of-Fame coach at PLU. Jason's uncle Scott is now the Lutes head man.

PLU Head Coach Scott Westering giving
the Lutes some VERY positive words
before kickoff.

With Scott Westering before the game.

CLU Captains taking the field

CLU's offense would dominate the day

367 yards of Kingsmen offense with no turnovers led the way to a convincing 49-7 CLU victory.

The Lutes on O

Football is a VERY simple game really, if you turn the ball over 4 more times than your opponent, you tend to lose large.

Today was no exception.

The joys of Division III football

Just walk your family down to the end zone and sit in the shade of the scoreboard about 5 yards out of bounds.

Try that at Michigan's "Big House".

Suddenly, there he was. . .

As CLU started to run away with the game, my focus started to wander to the atmosphere surrounding the game.

A PLU fan in resplendent colors to match the day's sunshine was walking towards us.

The guy on the right with the mullet was cool, too.

Our man striking his best
Benito Mussolini pose.

All he needed was a balcony.

The lady in black next to our Gucci model was merciless in her remarks to the officials as she walked up and down the sidelines.

The head referee finally asked her to sit in the stands and do her ragging from that vantage point or be removed from the game.

She sat.

The Lutes trying to re-group
during a timeout.

Nellie's story is a heart warming
piece of Lutes' lore.

Click on my link to Jason Johnson's blog to read about him and what PLU football meant to him and vice versa.

Nellie passed away this fall.

I have GOT to get me one of these outfits!!!

And now for the emotional part of my day, the #3 ranked USC Trojans (2-0) at my beloved but unranked University of Washington Huskies (1-1).

The Dawgs were 21 point underdogs at kickoff and rightfully so, the job that Pete Carroll has done at USC is nothing short of remarkable.

We left the CLU-PLU game at halftime with CLU leading 28-0 and in full control of things. We raced back to Camarillo to watch the 4th quarter of the Huskies' game with the score tied at 10-10.

The DAWGS came to play!

Nick Holt's Huskies defense was both magnificent and inspired!

#17, UW Placekicker Erik Folk

Folk kicked 3 field goals today including this 22 yard boot with only 0:03 ticks left on the clock to shock the country.

I'm guessing that Folk's Saturday night was somewhat festive.

The Trojan's #15 laying at Folk's feet is USC's starting Senior CB, Kevin Thomas who played for us at Rio Mesa H.S. and came close to blocking the game winner.

Washington 16
Southern California 13


As the game ended a few people
stormed the field. . .

What the hell, they ALL stormed the field!!!

Our friend Mike D'Antuono sent us these last two pictures as he was lucky enough to be in Husky Stadium with 61,889 of his closest friends to view the rebirth of our dormant program up close and personal!

#10, UW Quarterback Jake Locker

PASSING: 21 for 35, 237 yards, 0 Interceptions, 0 TDs

He rushed for the DAWGS only TD and led a great 4th quarter drive to set up the winning Field Goal.

Our Husky flag flying PROUDLY once again!

This flag is up all during the college football season at our home in Camarillo.

It has been a loooooooong time since it flew proudly.

Thanks to two of my former players Gregorio Barbagallo from Catania and Ryan Bolland from Buena H.S. now living in Mississippi for sending their congratulations!

Sharing the joy of beating USC is always so so sweet!

Steve Sarkisian
Emperor of the Universe!!!



George --

Thanks for the pics and shout-outs from the PLU game! Tough loss for the Lutes, but it was great to see you with my Uncle.

I also appreciate you giving another member of my family a shout-out. I think your exact words were,

"The lady in black next to our Gucci model was merciless on her remarks to the officials as she walked up and down the sidelines.

The head referee finally asked her to sit in the stands and do her ragging from that vantage point or be removed from the game.

She sat."

Yes, that was my AUNT. Sue Westering. Hilarious... and very typical of the women Westering's view of all officials, at all levels, and in any form of competition.

Ciao! How bout them Dawgs... should be a great matchup against the Cats in a couple weeks! Can't wait to see you guys!

JJ and CJ

claud said...

LOL @Jason's post,i can't believe the woman in black is his aunt!

2 things:
-why do coaches get escorted on the field by cops/security officiers?
-i can't believe the Huskies won against USC,that is amazing.Unfortunately i was not able to watch the game-we got Texas Tech vs Texas Longhorns-.

I got your email,i'll respond asap,there's a bunch of things i need to ask you ;)