Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Late Reception for Andy and Jenn's Wedding

Jenn and Andy Contreras
at their wedding in Mexico

Sunday we hosted a reception for our son Andy and his bride Jenn. As you may recall, they were married last February near Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Their's was a small wedding on the beach with only immediate family and a few friends in attendance.

Laurie wanted to host this reception so that family and friends in California could have a chance to greet one of Las Vegas' newest married couples.

How many men does it take to open an


But only if you finally take a look at the directions. That's Brian FitzGerald on the left, me in the middle and Andy on the right. Do we all have a glazed look in our eyes?

Warm sunshine, the Taco Man cooking away and a few libations in the back yard are all we needed.

We even spilled into the front yard.

That's the world famous Moe DeCandia in the black shirt sitting to the right.

His surprise visit from his New Jersey environs has raised our home to possible National Historic Landmark status!!!

Andy walking his Grandmother Chuny to the car. . .

. . . while Mike escorts his Great Aunt Katica

A really fun afternoon, it was great seeing everybody and being with Andy and Jenn for a long weekend.

GREAT job organizing everything Laurie!!!


Claud said...

your Bouganvillea is SPECTACULAR.

George said...

Grazie, Claudio!!!

Love, Laurie