Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vanessa, Mike and the Guiberson Fire

The view as Mike drives away from his house

As reported about two months ago, Mike and Vanessa have a very nice first home in a spacious apartment above a garage in a remote, gated community near Somis. A concern that we all had when we first visited was the danger of a wildfire in this rugged ranching area.

August and September are the two BIG fire season months in southern California.

Yesterday our fears for them came true as the Guiberson Fire started, get this, due to spontaneous combustion of manure in the heat. . .

Mike and Vanessa left Rio Mesa ast about noon to get their valuable possessions out of harms way during a Voluntary Evacuation period.

Mike's Saturn arriving at our house

They REALLY packed the Saturn to the brim

Our front room became their
Evacuation Center

It's official, they've moved back in with us

Still on Voluntary Evacuation mode last night Vanessa and Mike spent the night at our house.

This morning at 6:00 a.m. the Ventura County Fire Department issued a Mandatory Evacuation order for their gated community. Scary indeed, but they are safe and all of their most important possessions are safe too.

We have spent the morning watching the fire on various TV news programs and hearing helicopters flying overhead on their way to fighting the fire.

35 or 40 years from now this will be a great story for Mike and Vanessa to tell their grandchildren!

The following pictures of the Guiberson Fire are courtesy of the Ventura County Star newspaper. As of now, about 9,000 acres have been scorched.

Firefighters in action!

Setting a backfire to combat the rapid spread of the main blaze.

Getting too close for comfort!

AWESOME Fire Retardant Drop

Is that fire hose big enough?

The winds are spreading
the embers way too quickly.

The Fire Line

Keep on dropping!!!

"What me worry?"

The Rustic Canyon Golf Course is near the fire but apparently the game MUST go on!

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