Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Second Coming


Brandon and Jason are finally in Catania. In the picture at the airport, besides Brandon and Jason are several of the Elefanti who came to see the two newest members of the team.

You will note a young man in white at the right of the picture. We don't know who he is, just a guy at the airport who was drawn in by the magic of the Elefanti machine!

Practice tonight at 8:00 at the University for the OL/DL/RB/LB group. Then it will be time to introduce the new Elefanti to the nightlife of Catania. Stay tuned for further developments...


Anna said...

Thanks for posting so I know he got there safe.

Pryingi said...

Brush with destiny:

4:30 coffee at Starbucks and in walks, quite probably, the next President of the USA...John McCain.

He was accompanied by his wife, daughter and most importantly/excitedly for me, Southern California native, Fairfax High School graduate, 1957 17th round Detroit Lions draft pick, Los Angeles/San Diego Charger, and finally Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp.
I said hello to JM and then spent 5 min. talking to Jack Kemp about Super Bowl XLII. (He's got the Pats -12)
The lattes showed up and they were off.
Thought your players would love to hear about the old timers.