Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Forza Calcio Catania!

Today we went, picture, to the Forza Catania vs. Udinese calcio (soccer) game at Stadio A. Massimino here in Catania at 3:00 p.m. It was an Italian Cup Tournament quarterfinal playoff game and Gustavo scored us tickets in the Curva Nord section. This is where the crazies cheer for our team.

My first important move of the day was probably my greatest moment in parking to date. Traffic was very packed coming into the Stadio and parking was rarer than ever. As we were gridlocked I spied a car leaving on the other side of a small park, picture. I was in the cross walk when he moved so I only had one chance for his spot...illegally drive into the park, come out on the other side and seize the moment. DONE DEAL!

Italian calcio is a combination athletic event, passion play and hootenanny. Curva Nord is on their feet for the full game singing and chanting constantly. They have a chant for every occasion, even to the songs "Popeye the Sailor Man" and "Guantanamera".

They taught us the names of some of the people involved in the game. One of the referees, who I think has a brother on the Udinese team, goes by the last name Bastardo. The Curva Nord people are great fans and constantly praised them throughout the contest. Equally singled out for his apparent hard hitting play was a Udinese player whose name I think is Figlio di Puttana. I believe the referee on our sideline's name is Merda. It was a great time and Catania won 2-1 with a goal in the last two minutes of the game, even I got really excited. The video is of the last part of the game just after the winning goal was scored.

You will notice an area of the stands that has netting over it called "The Cage", picture. This is where the fans of the opposing team sit. There were only about a dozen Udinese fans present because there home base is in the northern part of the Italian boot. There were also about 25 uniformed Polizia in The Cage to keep the peace. Of course The Cage is strategically located right next to the Curva Nord section. I think Bastado's parents were in The Cage for the game.

Random Thought For Today: Italian house keys are really unique, picture. That's it, I just like the REALLY old school look and feel of them.

Last night's trip to Aci Reale for Carnevale was a bust. Although the Carnevale does last a week, last night was not one of the nights, it's an on-off type situation. We'll try again later this week.

Brandon and Jason arrive tomorrow, the whole team is excited to meet both of them! This also means that Matt is moving into town to his new digs after practice tonight. I'm a bachelor again for one night.

Major thanks to Davide who showed me how to download pictures from my Blackberry cell phone to my computer yesterday. Check the Opera House picture from two weeks ago especially.



DPLassen said...
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Anna said...

Hey this is Anna, Brandon's girlfriend. I dropped him off this morning and he should be on his way to London as I type. Please make sure he comes home in one piece.

DPLassen said...

What an amazing coincidence .... Bastardo and Merde were the officials when I went to the game in Rome in September, too.

You left out one important statistic from any Italian soccer game, though ... what was the smoke-bomb count?

Pryingi said...

That sounds like a really great day!

But, based on your own testimony, you have cost the team around € 30 per month in additional "Key Employee/Coach" insurance premiums. It breaks down this way:

*Each visit to Italian soccer game = € 5
*If any of the teams playing are from Catania = additional € 5 violence surcharge.
*Normal parking a soccer game = € 5 :This is because you have admitted that you actually drove in the first place.
*And I quote "...illegally drive into the park, come out on the other side and seize the moment. DONE DEAL!" = € 10
*Again, I quote "...It was a great time and Catania won 2-1 with a goal in the last two minutes of the game, even I got really excited." At your age this excitement could be dangerous = € 3
*If you ate or drank anything at the game = € 2

There you have it, Davide and the Elphantes out € 30 per month.


sheriff28 said...

this post was HILARIOUS Coach!


PS@Anna:hey don't worry,we'll take good care of him,we'll even drive him anywhere he wants if he doesn't feel like driving around here...He'll be fine;)

George said...


Brandon arrives in Catania in about 90 minutes, he hooked up with Jason at London's Gatwick Airport earlier today, TUTTI E BUONO!

George said...


No smoke bombs at all, Curva Nord is a very loving and refined section of il Stadio indeed!