Friday, January 18, 2008

Madame Butterfly

The first picture today was taken from the patio at the apartment during breakfast, nice sunrise.

Tonight I scratch another item off my to do list, go to an opera in Italy. One of our falcons, Tony call me "Pony", has a brother-in-law who works at Teatro Massimo Bellini, picture, and scored free tickets for myself and Daniella, Davide's wife, to see Madame Butterfly tonight at 8:30. Davide is not the big opera fan that I am apparently after all this will be my first ever time at an opera. Should be an interesting evening. Davide says that they really dress up for the opera so I have a problem, shirt and tie yes, sports coat no. I'll wear a black sweater and hope they don't throw things at me.

As you may know, over the centuries Sicily has been occupied (but never conquered) by several civilizations including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, French, Arabs and Spanish. These various cultures have each left their mark in Sicilian art, architecture, language, culture, and cuisine.  Now comes Matt Epperson from Amarillo, on the right with Davide at the airport in the picture, leading the first wave of the Texas invasion. God help this great island!

Practice last night in damp but not rainy weather, decent turnout. Roberto, the linebacker who was going to miss practice for a month due to business in Israel, was at practice last night. I asked about the Israel trip, he said it was postponed for a few weeks because they bombed the city in Israel where he was to work, imagine that!

Three hour practice on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. with the whole team. I'm looking forward to it as always, especially now that Matt is here to help with coaching as well as playing.

No internet again on the weekend so I won't be back on until Monday.



paul petrich said...

This is my intro to a blog. Great job in sharing your experience!Do you prefer email messages here, or on your verizon account? Latest revised sched is Dec 17th, right? Paul Petrich

George said...

Dec. 12th for correct schedule. E-mail me at the verizon account.