Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Driving Update

Although I do see local polizia and state carabiniere all over the place I have yet to see them giving anyone a ticket much less waving the yellow caution flag to the drivers in the daily Grand Prix of Catania. This added danger just adds to the excitement.

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paul petrich said...

This is my first venture into a blog. Great job in sharing your overall experience in Sicily! It just took me 2 hours to to catch up on all you have reported! My trip will take me in and out of Italy at Bari, not Ancona. I will be researching family history again from the Isle of Vis, to Dubrovnik, to Sarajevo, then concentrate on S.Italy, Sicily, and Malta. Latest rumor from Ventura Co via P.I.Husted is that Mike Olgy will be the next coach at Buena.
Ciao, Paul Petrich