Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Breakthrough, The Castle, Caravaggio and Clothes

Practice last night was a big issue for Davide, few offensive linemen attended and our best one right now, Giulio, was in a murdercycle accident. He was at practice but is very scrapped up. Defensively, I thought we made good strides in our understanding of coverage techniques versus different route combinations, we're slowly but surely learning the coverage concepts. In the middle of practice, at the other end of the field from Saturday's outburst, another round of fireworks and festivity broke out in a nearby neighborhood. I have got to get a piece of the fireworks concession in this town! 

After practice, we stopped at Jonathan's when a HUGE breakthrough occurred. As we walked up to the counter the lady looked at us and said "Sausage and two chickens?". Believe it or not, Matt is the two chickens order not me! She knew our standard order on sight, WE'RE REGULARS!!! Later when they came off the grill the man who always serves us knew what to add without asking too!

Random thought #1: At every stop light the various Vespas and motor cycles form a pack near the limit line. As soon as the light turns green THEY'RE OFF! Kind of like NASCAR on two wheels, it is very entertaining.

Random thought #2: They serve patatine, French fries, on everything as stated in an earlier post. I am thinking about asking the priest on Sunday if they can give out a side order of patatine at Communion. I know it sounds sacrilegious but I think it could give attendance at church a real boost, just thinking out loud.

I went to the Norman Castle, pictures, in Aci Castello again, Matt for the first time. We brought the nice people who run it one creme cornetto and they let us both in free.

From there we drove into Catania to see the Caravaggio exhibit, pictures. There were several of his works in real size reproductions that are currently in museums all over the world including one that is in a Ft. Worth, Texas museum, it had Matt weeping. I liked his Medusa the best.

Our next stop was a clothing store called Sicily Outlet. The highlight was Matt, picture, trying on a very dapper coat that was on sale for mere 1,999 euros. What a steal, I can't believe he didn't buy it. We then stopped for lunch at Menza having the mandatory ricotta cannoli for desert.

Tonight we are meeting with the Elefanti to drive up to Aci Reale for one night at their week long Carnavale. Last Sunday when we went to the In-Line Hockey game in Aci Reale we saw over 50 recliner buses full with people coming to the Carnevale. Just another night of revelry in Sicily.


DPLassen said...

If you really want to see a Vespa race, go to one of the big soccer games. When I went to the Roma-Juventus game at the Olympic Stadium in September, it appeared a good percentage of the 70,000 people came on Vespas ... You can't imagine the noise of about 10,000 of them swarming out of a single area at the same time, running about 12 abreast on a two-lane street. You probably can imagine trying to cross that street on foot, though ...

George said...

We just left the Catania vs. Udenese calcio game, I know just what you mean about Vespa mania after a big game!