Thursday, August 2, 2018

Lazy California, Las Vegas and a Birthday

Tues., July 24 - Weds., Aug. 1, 2018

Overall, life in Camarillo continued at a quiet pace so we took a trip to Las Vegas. 

Granddaughter/Princess Mary
did not go with us

 A gift for our favorite waitress
on Route 66

When we drive to Las Vegas we usually stop for breakfast or lunch at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville.

This fun, upbeat waitress always waits on us so Laurie decided to bring her a Route 66 inspired shirt as a gift which she liked.

As usual, their food was both good and plentiful.

 We made it to Sin City

Grandson Kevin is now
officially a Skorpions fan

Lunch at the local Beer Hall

Kevin forgot his sunglasses at home, a big mistake in the desert. 

Bavarian themed ceiling

The reason for our visit to Nevada was to celebrate Kevin's seventh birthday.

NRA approved birthday gift

Grandma Lo and Kevin

That cake is "EN FUEGO!"

We are getting better as a
serious chorus I think

 Good job Kevin!

 Saying good bye to Andy and Kevin

Unlike most Las Vegas visitors, we did not visit the Strip.

As usual we had a great time just hanging out at Andy, Jenn and Kevin's home playing several games of Sorry, Uno, Minecraft and Halo.

Family time is always fun.

With Craig Weisman

It is always good to see former Westlake H.S. players from the early 1980s like Craig, just not under these circumstances as we were attending the funeral of John Baillie, the father of probably the best defensive lineman I ever coached, Dave Baillie.

R.I.P. John, a good man.

American Football Season
Is Upon Us At LAST!

 The Rams home schedule looks good

Now we need to pick the one game to attend, it's all we can afford given the price of ducats.
The Washington Huskies have
a HUGE opening game!

Some new pictures from the Italian DII All-Star game featuring our three Varese Skorpions being introduced . . . 

 DE Tomas Pedotti

WR Martino Piazzi

SS Nicolas Principi

 A practice drill at Rio Mesa H.S.
where I coached for many years

The Spartans are coming off of a league championship, 12-1 season in 2017 and are preparing for their season opener vs. their cross-town rival Camarillo Scorpions.

Yes, Scorpions with a "c" not a "k".

It is only August, but the RMHS
practice area is already . . .

. . . a Field of Dreams

Walking as a Form of Exercise

Usually I just walk about two to four miles a day in Camarillo but every now and again I drive up to the beach city of Ventura for a change of scenery on one of these fitness walks.

 Ventura's Main Street has
many fine, old corner buildings

This one was originally . . .

. . . the Bank of Italy

I stopped for a cappuccino and a
croissant at the Café du Suro

It was here that I met David Hughes, a former Newbury Park H.S. football and baseball player who proceeded to tell me and his co-worker what a great teacher our son Michael is.

That made my day as did the incredibly good croissant.   
Why didn't they name it

 Lots of good murals along Main Street

Mission San Buenavena

A sleek mural that is my favorite
in the city

We may need to do this

Perhaps Ventura's oldest mural

 Another excellent corner building


With our trip to Mexico only about ten days away for the Europe Warriors vs. the University of Chihuahua Águilas, maybe I should try a few shots to get properly acclimated.

Another cappuccino was in order
but a SMALL one goes for $4.00 USD!

We have to get back to Italy soon for the price of coffee if nothing else.

Reading Is FUNdamental

Loved it!

My favorite detective at the
Venice Questura never disappoints

Fun read but an embarrassingly
low body count for Reacher 

Is Jack mellowing as he matures?

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