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Thousand Oaks Game, the 2014 Season Finale

The 2014 season of our fun-to-coach JV football team was coming to an end with one last contest against our cross-town rivals.

Though heavily favored to win, our concern was taking the Lancers lightly and ending a great season on a bad note.

Our doubts could not be farther from what happened. The Panthers came to play, all 35 of us!

Newbury Park Panthers
(7-2, 2-0 Camino League)
Thousand Oaks Lancers
(0-7-1, 0-2 Camino League)

Lancer Stadium

It was a homecoming of sorts for me as I was an assistant coach at T.O.H.S. from 1970-78. Also, when I was the head coach at Westlake H.S. from 1978-1998, we played all of our "home" games at Lancer Stadium as well.

It felt good to be on this field again.

Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park have been playing eachother in American football every season since 1970. That first game at the Varsity level ended in a remarkable 48-48 tie.

The Cheerleaders were warming up

The Players were getting taped

Ryan Hurley was warming up the DL

Mike Contreras was warming up
the Falcons

The Trainers were stretching the
slightly injured

Andrew Noble was In The House!

What an extreme pleasure it has been to coach this unselfish, talented young man!

Surveying the Scene

The Big Hammer

Threatening a Referee with
The Big Hammer

Captains Out

#10 Luke Smith
#51 Nathan Zager
#74 Trevor Martens
#79 Mohamed "Mo-Mo" Khalid

Here Come The PANTHERS!!!

I think that they are
made from lizard skin

I could be wrong.


We were close on this onside kick

Thousand Oaks Ball: We tried to get things going our way early with an onside kick to open the action but the Lancers recovered. No problem, Three and Out, Punt (T&O,P) #1!

Drive Summary: 3 plays for -3 yards

Our Defense would rule the day
because . . .

. . . We RAN to the ball!

Newbury Park Ball: We forced a short Lancer punt and drew first blood on a perfect 45 yard TD pass play from Tyler Hwang to Kaiden Raduziner. Cole Thompson kicked the PAT.

Panthers 7 - Thousand Oaks 0
Drive Summary: 3 plays for 65 yards, TD

Kaiden Raduziner turning a
short pass into a 45 yard TD

Thousand Oaks Ball: T&O,P #2!!
Drive Summary: 3 plays for 1 yard

 Smothering Defense

Pressuring a Lancer Punt

Newbury Park Ball: On the first play of the drive, Hwang found a wide open Andrew Noble for another 45 yard TD. Tavis Valenzuela called for a fake PAT and hit Raduziner for a two-point play. 

Panthers 15 - Thousand Oaks 0
Drive Summary: 1 play for 45 yards, TD

TD Andrew Noble
He was kind of open

 Tavis Valenzuela fake PAT pass

Two-Points Kaiden Raduziner
He was kind of open

Thousand Oaks Ball: T&O,P #3!!!
Drive Summary: 3 plays for -3 yards.

Luke Smith blocking on a Punt Return

Newbury Park Ball: Hwang found Valenzuela open on two consecutive passes for 49 yards, the last 19 ending up in a Panther TD. Cole Thompson was perfect again on the PAT. 

Panthers 22 - Thousand Oaks 0
Drive Summary: 1 play for 45 yards, TD

Tavis Valenzuela for 30 yards

 TD catch by Tavis but . . .

. . . Only after putting a move on
a T.O. DB and running 19 yards

Thousand Oaks Ball: T.O. gets a drive going but it ends when Noble first breaks up a pass and intercepts it's ricochet.

Drive Summary: 6 plays for 16 yards, Interception

 Shawn Gocke about to make
a TD saving tackle on a Kickoff

Spencer Thompson and Co.
swarming a Lancer ball carrier

Andrew Noble breaking up a pass
and then intercepting the ricochet!

Newbury Park Ball: The Panthers are driving as the first quarter comes to a close with the score

Newbury Park 22 - Thousand Oaks 0

Kalani Sanchez Body Lean

This has led to several dazed DBs over the course of the season.

Sanchez Sweep


Newbury Park Ball: The drive that ended the first quarter continued but NPHS turned the ball over on downs. 

Drive Summary: 7 plays for 45 yards, Downs

 Defense up again

"Would all LBs please report to the
A gap for this fourth down play"

Thousand Oaks Ball: Feeling a tad desperate, the Lancers go for it on fourth down. The Panther LB corps wouldn't hear of it!

Drive Summary: 4 plays for 9 yards, Downs

Nicolas Cellona on the move

 The Offensive Line

Good job by this group today as we had 457 yards of total offense on just 44 plays, over 10 yards per snap!

Cole Thompson's 25 yard Field Goal

Newbury Park Ball: Another solid drive ends with a 25 yard field goal by Cole Thompson.

Panthers 25 - Lancers 0 
Drive Summary: 5 plays for 27 yards, Field Goal

Broken Up Pass by Andrew Noble

Threw a Shoe

Thousand Oaks Ball: After getting a first down, the Lancers feel giddy and go for it on fourth down again. No dice.

Drive Summary: 7 plays for 14 yards, Downs

 Sam Branch is BACK

Sam broke his arm arm in August and this was his first game back in action. We were all excited for him!

Ryan Schmidt Pass Rush

Newbury Park Ball: Again on the first play of the drive, Hwang and Noble connect for a TD, this one from 52 yards. Thompson is good again on his PAT try.

Panthers 32 - Lancers 0 
Drive Summary: 1 play for 52 yards, TD

Connor "The Hatchet" Hobson

We started to get everyone into the game in the second quarter.

Eventually, 11 different players would carry the ball 31 times, 3 different players would throw 13 passes, 6 different players would catch passes and 21 players would be in on at least 1 tackle.

Thousand Oaks Ball: Another Lancers attempt at a fourth down conversion fails.

Drive Summary: 4 plays for 8 yards, Downs

Luc Germann now at QB

Tyler Hwang had a great day passing completing 6 of 7 passes for 202 yards and 4 TDs. We sat Tyler the rest of the game and brought in Luc who completed 4 of his 5 passes for 79 yards but no TDs.

Newbury Park Ball: Hwang is done for the game as Luc Germann will be the QB the rest of the game. This short drive ends as the first half comes to a close with the score being:

Newbury Park 32 - Thousand Oaks 0 
Drive Summary: 3 plays for 5 yards, Half Time


Andrew Noble in the Rapture
of the start the Second Half

Newbury Park Ball: A nice drive that mixed Germann's passing with solid running ended with a 17 yard TD run by Kalani Sanchez. The PAT was blocked by Thousand Oaks.

Panthers 38 - Lancers 0 
Drive Summary: 9 plays for 74 yards, TD

We were now playing the rest of the game with a running clock as per the California Mercy Rule that kicks in when a team leads by 35 or more points in the second half.

 With the clock running,
the Second Half was a blur

Tavis Valenzuela on the move

Thousand Oaks Ball: A nice drive by the Lancers ends with another failed T.O. fourth down conversion.

Drive Summary: 7 plays for 20 yards, Downs

 Luc Germann pass to . . .

 . . . Kaiden Raduziner

Hall-of-Fame Coach
George Hurley

Newbury Park Ball: A drive that was highlighted by a 42 yard Germann to Luke Smith WR screen pass ended with a 5 yard TD romp by Mike Estiandan. Thompson kicked another PAT as the third quarter came to a close.

Panthers 45 - Lancers 0 
Drive Summary: 9 plays for 74 yards, TD

 #10 Luke Smith on the loose

Luke has only played in our last two games because of injuries sustained last year. Now healthy, WHAT A PLAYER!!!

 #29 Mike Estiandan
scoring his first TD on the season

As I said, we came to play!


The "Tons of Fun" Defense

Thousand Oaks Ball: Although the Lancers completed a nifty fake punt pass, it was just not T.O.'s day as two QB sacks by Bengy Leyva killed any chance they had at scoring.

Drive Summary: 7 plays for 9 yards, Punt

On the night, The Panthers held the Lancers to just 71 yards of total offense on 44 plays, an average of less than two yards per snap.

Captain "Mo-Mo" Khalid in action

Newbury Park Ball: Our last drive of the season saw several different players getting carries as the game and season come to a close.

Drive Summary: 8 plays for 34 yards, End of the Game

NPHS 45 - TOHS 0
2014 Camino League Champions
8 Wins - 2 Losses

 Jack Ensey was happy

Last post-game talk to the team

Bengy Leyva, Game Hammer Winner

Bengy came off the bench in the Second Half to record two QB sacks, make one tackle for loss and harass the QB into a fourth down incomplete pass. Great way for him to finish the campaign.


With Luke Smith and his Dad Ted

I coached Ted, a MLB, right here at Thousand Oaks H.S. in 1976 and 1977.

Life coming full circle.

It was indeed a GREAT season with some GREAT players and coaches.

Being a Champion again
is a GOOD thing

Apparently, it still doesn't get old to me.

Now it is . . .
On to Murcia, Spain!

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