Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Civil War Reenactment in Moorpark, California

On the weekend, the Moorpark Rotary Club hosted their 14th Annual "The Blue and the Gray Civil War Reenactment."

We had gone to these reenactments in nearby Moorpark three different years and had always enjoyed them.

This year took on some special significance as our younger son Michael would participate as a Union soldier thanks to the urging of long time Blue warrior and Hall-of-Fame football coach George Hurley.

We also had young Dylan Moore and his mother and grandmother (Cyndy and Debi Murphy) with us as Dylan has turned into a Civil War buff at a very tender age.

Company E
Second Vermont
Volunteer Infantry

This was the Union outfit that Michael and George had both joined, but where were they?

There they were!

Dylan and George

Michael and Dylan

Well, it wasn't Michael anymore. I believe that because he was underage and itching to fight for his country, he had volunteered under an assumed name. His fellow soldiers knew him as Billy Otis Streeter.

He may have been on the run from the law according to his mother.

A Rebel at Rest

We arrived for the 3:00 p.m. battle. Sadly, Billy Otis had been killed at noon by a musket ball to the "groin" in the day's first of three battles.

Between the battles, he miraculously had come back to life. 

Is there a Zouave in the House?

The Zouaves were originally French North African troops that wore these outlandish uniforms. During the American Civil War, over 70 Union regiments of elite troops adopted the Zouave uniform as their own. Many even trimmed their facial hair into what was known as a "French-style." 

No clue what that means exactly but I do like the look!

Rebel Forces Starting to Muster

The Women-folk were supporting
the troops today as well

Rebel Cannon Line

Union Forces bringing up
their own artillery

Getting ready to fire

Dylan and his new best friend Duncan
getting ready to watch the battle


Rebel Forces on the March


Rebels with BAD body language

The Union Camp

Union Forces moving into position

A Rebel General grilling Dylan on
why he was wearing a Union cap

Nice horse General

Man the mini-barricades

Union Forces on the March

The Union Cavalry was ready

Tension in the Air

Killing Field

Mike, aka Billy Otis Streeter, is in
the front line, 4th from either side

Having learned nothing from his noon battle/death, he was perfectly positioned to die early in the 3:00 p.m. battle too.

Rebel Brass on Horseback

Billy Otis is still alive,
he is the one with the facial hair



Facing Deadly Odds

Superior Rebel Cavalry


Oops, wrong war, that was General Curtis LeMay's comment in Vietnam.

Artillery Fire Smoke Rings

It only happened a few times but was a big crowd pleaser to be sure.

Nice Roan




Billy Otis was down again

He is in the middle of these casualties, bearded and with a bald head. This time it was a musket ball to the neck that did him in.

The Union now wanted REVENGE!
And the band played on


The battle was over and both sides paid tribute to their fallen comrades.

Billy Otis is . . .

Carpetbaggers if you ask me

It was a really fun afternoon made even more special this year with Mike's participation as a Union private.

Apparently, he did survive the 5:00 p.m. battle.

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