Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Orange County - Christmas II

After three wonderful days in Las Vegas, Nevada with Jenn, Andy and Kevin, it was time to bid them a Joyeux Noël and drive four hours to Orange County, California to our second Christmas celebration.

This time we were headed to the home of David and Gayle Hicks. Gayle is Laurie's sister.

Vanessa and Jacob
were already there 

Jacob can be angelic

About ten minutes after we arrived we were mildly shocked and definitely surprised when in the door came Andy, Jenn and Kevin!

They had flown in thanks to Jenn's connections as an Alaska Airlines employee. Andy's cousin Sarah and her beau John, who were in on the surprise, picked them up at OC's John Wayne Airport and brought them to us . . .


Kevin and Jenn

Uh-Oh . . .
A cousins stare down just before
opening presents

Andy scores an R2D2 cap

Mike was jacked with
his new Chelsea ornament

Laurie was now ready to join the
French Resistance Movement
Lyndsey Hicks
always educating

The Men Folk

All Power to the Ladies!!!

It's good to be a Grandparent! 

 Vanessa, Mike and Jacob

Andy, Jenn, Kevin and Artie

Just fun people that we don't see
nearly often enough 

Contreras Clan 


I am proud to announce that
a. I did not have any
b. I weighed in on Christmas morning at 120.6 kilos, my lowest all year! My 2012 high was a sassy 131.8 kilos on 11 September.

America's Newest Piano Prodigy

Kevin invited Craig to play too

Christmas Carols at their best

I think Lyndsey and Craig
need one of these

I think that they will both be kick-ass parents.

But that's just me.

Two Christmas celebrations down, only one more to go.

Buon Natale!!!

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