Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A GREAT Family Weekend and More About American Football in France

What a GREAT weekend!

Andy, Jenn and Kevin drove in from Las Vegas and we were joined by Mike, Vanessa and Jacob on both Saturday and Sunday.

AWESOME Family Times!!!

Jacob was a delight 

As was the always happy Kevin

A man HAS to eat

Kevin is already bigger than
Baseball Boy

Chicken Wire Cage Match? 

Being a Grandpa is THE BEST!!!

I must pass on a great blog site about American football in France that can be found at:

It gives you all sorts of details on the various teams in France playing American football including our Division III.

The coveted trophy awarded to the winner
of the Division III National Playoffs

The Map of French Division III Football

Your Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons play in the five team Division III - Sud Poule C.

Being home for the Holidays is a truly wonderful thing!!!

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Olivier R said...

thanks for the link George. Good game tonight! i've spoken with coach Allanach, a canadian who coach a D2 team near Paris, he's at the game too, did tell him to contact you, maybe if you want to share a drink or something...