Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Better Weather Today

French Fact-of-the-Day

France encompasses an area of 643,427 square kilometers, ranking it as the world's 42nd biggest country.

To compare it in terms of the United States, it is just a bit smaller than America's second biggest state, Texas which boasts of its 695,621 square kilometers.

I spent most of the day in bed still trying to kick aside the lingering effects of my recent illness. I'm almost over it now.

In the early afternoon I rallied for the trip to Gare de Perrache to again check out the Lyon Christmas Market. This trip was more about food gathering than gift buying.

 Rotary Club sponsored
Santa Claus House

It, of course, reminded me of my Father-in-Law, "Old Skinny" Bill Gardner who was a devoted Rotarian all of his adult life.

Miss you Bill.

Had to try one for lunch

She is from Quebec, Canada and cooks a mean Hot Dog de Bison. It is especially good with a little vin chaud which is hot, spiced red wine.

I noshed my way through the market quite lightly today only stopping to enjoy a fabulous plain crêpe. I must continue to monitor my eating habits, only eating things that are . . .
Oh so good for me!

My sister Marilyn is an expert in

Oh, it turns out that a Poupee is a child's doll.

I think that she may be an expert come to think of it.

Apparently Marilyn
also knows silverware 

This shop could spell trouble when Laurie arrives later this Spring.

Speaking of Laurie . . . 

I'll be back in California in only nine more days waiting on her every whim and fancy.

Warm and Cozy Café

I ducked into a nice café like this one, but a bit more Bohemian in nature, to get out of the damp weather for about a half an hour to read some more of my latest book and have an espresso.

Good for the soul.

B Team Post-Practice Chat

Our developmental Senior B team practice tonight was a good one as we continued to work on our passing game. This group, which plays nine man football, has had a checkered season to date.

They should have played their eighth game of the season last Sunday. Instead the B team is 1-3 with four of their games being either postponed or cancelled. One of their games in Grenoble was snowed out and three more were not played because of the inability by the home team, Grenoble once and the Falcons twice, to secure a playing field for the contests.

Still, these young men come to practice, brave the elements and work hard to improve their skills.

I am very, very proud of these players!

Senior A team practice tomorrow night as we prepare for this Sunday's tough home game with the best team in our league, the 3-0 St-Cergues Bulldogs. We need to have a great practice if we are to have any chance against this speedy, physical squad.


Laurie said...

Can't wait to visit the 'Marilyn' shop!!!

George said...

I was afraid of that.