Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Camarillo - Christmas III

(One Last Time)

Christmas Day 2012, was spent at home in Camarillo with Laurie and my side of the family.

I brewed up some delicious
French Vin Chaud . . .

. . . and proudly displayed our new
French flag ornament that my
sister-in-law Gayle gave me

The Pre-Game Meal 

Two new members of the
French Underground? 

That is my sister Linda with Laurie. They are at the nerve center of all Contreras family gathering meals.

The Star of the Show

Laurie was our Christmas Elf

My sister Marilyn with Jacob

Our niece Lauren and Jake

Great Aunt Linda was
up to the challenge

My Aunt Katica being entertained 

 Great Grandma Chuny enjoying
Jacob's company

Linda and her new red scarf from
La Maison des Canuts in Lyon

He is such a scene stealer 


Vanessa was trying to hold him back but to no avail.

Can you guess who might be
the subject of Mike's photo?
A well deserved dessert at the end
of a long day cooking

Two guys just hanging out 

Linda, Chuny, Marilyn and Katica

To review, that would be my sister, Mother, sister and Aunt. Another great Holiday gathering of the clan but we missed Andy, Jenn and Kevin for sure.

Now it is time to relax for a day before the next adventure as Mike and I invade San Diego Thursday for the Holiday Bowl game between the 9-4 UCLA Bruins of the PAC-12 Conference and the 7-5 Baylor Bears of the Big-12 Conference. It should be fun!

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