Monday, January 30, 2012

U of W Valentine Party 2012

In 1982 Mike and Susan D'Antuono opted to host a Valentine's Day party with a few other couples that had University of Washington ties. Initially, I am sure, they viewed it as a nice one time only affair. As it turned out, everyone had so much fun that it became an annual, much-looked-forward-to event that would be hosted by a different couple every February.

From a simple dinner this party evolved, for a period of time, into a theme party complete with appropriate and, yes, sometimes inappropriate costumes. The parties included Famous Love Couples, a Pajama Party, a Russia oriented gala coinciding with the fall of the Berlin Wall and a Favorite Criminal Couples soiree among many other themes.

For few years we dined in nice restaurants including the Dar Maghreb Moroccan Restaurant in Hollywood featuring belly dancers.

The highlight of these now 30+ yearly gatherings for me came in 2002 when the four couples met in Las Vegas to dine, then get into a stretch limo and drive to a wedding chapel to all renew our wedding vows with an Elvis Presley impersonator doing the honors.

Or was it really The King . . .

One of the unique features of this party is that because of all of our other commitments, like my leaving for my coaching job with the Thun Tigers in Switzerland in a few weeks, this event has become a movable feast. It has been hosted in the late Spring and even in the Summer months, February has become a mere suggestion. Regardless of the month, it is always a delight and last Saturday night it was our turn to host it for the sixth time.

Let us meet our guests . . .

Joanne and Paul Sabolic

Sherlyn and Pete Claridge

Mike and Susan D'Antuono

These six people have been such a treat over all of these many years, it is always such a great evening because of the fun/joy that each person brings to the night.

The long and the short of it

There is a reason that Pete earned the nickname "The Spear" as a Wide Receiver at Washington in the late 1960's.

Party Gifts

Laurie ordered these nice glass hearts with each couples names on them as gifts. They seemed to be a big hit with the ladies.


Laurie really outdid herself by cooking several dishes that touched on our European adventures including dishes that featured Italian sausages, Lingonberry jam from Sweden and some fondue from Switzerland.

She did a GREAT job.

Laurie and George Contreras

Laurie worked very hard to make this a fun evening and I believe that she succeeded. I was so very proud of her efforts.

Now, it is on to the Claridge's home for Valentines 2013!

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