Saturday, January 14, 2012

IFL's Lazio Marines Chart Bold, New Waters

These tough economic times throughout the world have called for athletic teams in all sports, at all levels and in all countries to rethink their fund raising/sponsorship strategies.

The Italian Football League's Lazio Marines, based in the Eternal City, Rome, have come up with a most novel solution to their financial woes.

In red, Catania's Mathieu Cassaghi with a big
block on Larry Atkinson's interception
during the Elephant's 28-21 victory in 2009
over the Lazio Marines in white

The Marines courted a "deep pockets" sponsor from cyberspace. An internet sponsor that is #1 in its field in Italy and is also Europe's #2 distributor of internet adult sex objects, toys and erotic lingerie. Their new sponsor is the one and only website.


Yes, you can now cheer for the IFL's Mister Sex Lazio Marines!!!

The New Look Lazio Marines uniforms

I like the pink Mister Sex on both the jerseys and the helmets.

You can NOT make this stuff up! For more go to:

No reaction yet from Vatican City.


David said...

The free gifts for players from the sponsor should be interesting.

George said...