Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Day in Las Vegas

After arriving from the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio late Friday evening, Laurie and I were up at zero-dark-thirty on Saturday for the five hour drive to Las Vegas to visit Jenn, Andy and, of course, our grandson Kevin, a.k.a., Tank.

We had a little hitch in our gitty-up when Laurie's Chrysler PT Cruiser broke down in Covina, about an hour into our trip.

A great AAA tow rig driver, a very friendly and helpful AAA approved repair shop and a quick trip to the local Enterprise Rent-a-Car and we were off again after a two hour break in the action.

Vegas, HERE WE COME!!!


Tank and Grandma

Our visits to Las Vegas are nothing like the commercials, we go there to visit family not to go crazy on the Strip.

Our weekend would be a simple one revolving around family, food and football on Andy and Jenn's brand new 70 inch HD TV!

Saturday was New Year's eve with a solid slate of five college bowl games.

Sunday was New Year's day and it offered us a promising full slate of NFL contests.

Monday was Andy's 38th birthday, is that possible? Besides celebrating Andy's big day, the day was also about college football again as six more games were on tap. The Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl games were especially good ones to watch.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, 38 years ago when Andy was about to enter the world, I suggested to Laurie that we name him after whoever won the Rose Bowl MVP award. the 1974 Rose Bowl saw Southern California taking on Ohio State with the Buckeyes QB winning both the game and the MVP trophy.

His name? Cornelius Greene.

We opted for Andrew.

The 2011 Rose Bowl's Defensive MVP was TCU's LB Tank Carder, thus Kevin's nickname.

Since Mike and Vanessa still have not announced a name for thier son who will be born this March, I would like to point out the two MVPs of Monday's 2012 Wisconsin-Oregon Rose Bowl to them.

Both from Oregon, on offense it was WR Lavasier Tuinei while the defensive winner was LB Kiko Alonso.

Lavasier Contreras.

Kiko Contreras.

Just saying . . .

Tank seemed to like all of the games

Tank bonding with his Dad

Getting our "Game Faces"
on for the NFL games

Jenn teaching Tank
the finer points of the IPhone

A future Legacy H.S. Longhorn

Someday Tank will hopefully be a linebacker at his local high school if the family doesn't move from their current house.

Never too early for school pride.

Big Guy, Little Guy

Jenn is already working on
Kevin's reading skills

You just have to have a
New Year's Day T-shirt

It was a "Colorful Weekend"

After three great days, it was back to SoCal to pick up the car and get back to our normal routines after a fun week of traveling.

But first . . .

We couldn't hit the road on
an empty stomach now could we?

Fried Chicken and Waffles

The two chicken breasts were moist and the waffles were infused with bacon . . . America, WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

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