Thursday, January 26, 2012

Occidental College Seniors and EuroBall

Occidental College Head Football Coach Dale Widolff graciously allowed me on campus today to meet with some of the Seniors on his team that have finished their college eligibility and have an interest in continuing their football careers overseas.

Dale has been a fantastic host to me as this was the fourth consecutive year that I been able to talk to Tiger Seniors about the process of landing a job playing American football in Europe.

Meeting Room

Every year I meet with the Tigers in a room adjacent to their game field that also serves as an Occidental sports memorabilia museum. Lots of great items to see while I waited for the players to arrive.

I'm older than this ball

But not as wrinkled.


Five of Oxy's Best and Brightest

We had a great 90 minute session with some very good questions being asked and fielded. These young men have a definite interest in playing in Europe and all received excellent endorsements from their coach.

Are you listening EuroBall teams?


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