Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend at Tank's

We opted to make the five hour drive into the Nevada desert over the weekend via a one hour stop for a great breakfast at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville. The reason for the journey was not to visit Sin City's Strip but rather to visit the new North Las Vegas home of our son Andy, his bride Jenn and our grandson, Tank, a.k.a., Kevin.

We found their new home to be in a good neighborhood, near shopping and, above all, spacious and clean.

When we visit them, we rarely go near a casino, we like to spend all of our time visiting with our family, GOOD TIMES INDEED!

Tank and Grandma Laurie

Laurie has wanted this role for a long time, can't blame her, Kevin is so much fun to be with!

He is about 14 pounds now and I think he has broken the magic two foot barrier.


The first order of business on Saturday was to watch as many college football games as possible. The main attraction for us was the 6-3 Washington Huskies at the 7-2 USC Trojans.

We were dressed in our Husky best as it would be our first Husky-Trojan game together albeit on TV. It was ugly from the get go, final score USC 40 - UW 17.


Nap Time

Tank decided that the best way to get over the game was to take a nap.

Not a bad idea.

We started with Nebraska-Penn State at 9:00 a.m. and it all the way to the late night Hawaii at Nevada game in Reno. It was great to see former Rio Mesa Spartan QB Shane Austin leading the Hawaii attack. Shane threw for 232 yards and a TD in a 42-28 loss.


NFL Sunday, yet another all day football affair starting with Scott Fujita's Cleveland Browns playing the Rams in St. Louis.

Tank was in Brown and Orange ready to roll but again our team tasted the bitter pill of defeat, Rams win 13-12.

A Happy Family

With the holidays upon us we will get to see them a lot more in the next few weeks.


"Don't worry Grandpa, the Dawgs and the Browns will both win next week!"

The innocence of youth.

This Grandpa business is

What has my life come to?

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