Monday, November 7, 2011

Coaching in EuroBall Again!!!

I am excited to announce that after a year off from the EuroBall wars, I am returning to the continent to again coach an American football team in the Spring of 2012!

After two seasons in Sicily and one in Sweden, this year we are off to coach in the . . .

Schweizerischer American Football Verband

Translation? The Swiss American Football League

Yes, we are going to be living and coaching in beautiful Switzerland!!!

This very centrally located, land locked alpine country is wedged between Austria and Liechtenstein to the northeast, France to the west, Germany to the north and Italy to the south. About half of the country's 16,000 square miles of land (about twice the size of New Jersey) is taken up by uninhabitable rocks and the incredible Alps.

The people of Switzerland, population 7,600,000 which is about the same as the state of Virginia's, are noted for their efficiency, organization and independent spirit.

As for the team that I will be coaching, it will be a squad in the Swiss League's Division II, the Thun Tigers.

Thun is pronounced "Toon."

A Hardy Logo

Thun is located in the middle of Switzerland

Bern, the Swiss capital city, is about 20 miles northwest of Thun while the resort town of Interlaken is about 20 miles to the southeast.


As for our competition, as I stated earlier, we will play in the Swiss second division known as the NLB.

The NLB is made up of six teams and we will play each opponent twice to complete a ten game schedule. In 2012 the NLB will be made up of:

Basel Meanmachine

The Meanmachine went 0-10 to finish in sixth/last place in the Swiss first division, the NLA, last year. They then lost a relegation game to the 2011 NLB Champion Biena Jets (9-1) by a score of 40-34 to move Basel to the NLB this season.

Fribourg Cardinals

Fribourg was 1-9 in the NLB in 2011, finishing in a tie for fifth place.

The Cardinals split their two matches with the Tigers, winning the first contest 28-14 before losing the rematch to the Tigers 39-6.

LUC Université Lausanne

This squad finished 2011 NLB play in fourth place with a mark of 5-5.

LUC swept the season series with the Tigers in two close 2011 games by scores of 13-6 and 16-14.

Luzern Lions

The NLB's third place team last Spring, the Lions were 6-4.

The Lions also swept the two 2011 Tiger games by scores of 50-6 and 48-20.

Winterhur Warriors

The second place finisher in the 2011 NLB campaign, the Warriors sported an 8-2 record.

Winterhur won both Tiger games in 2011 by tallies of 22-2 and 27-6.

Thun Tigers

The Tigers lost both games to the 2011 NLB Champion 9-1 Bienna Jets by scores of 50-6 and 42-26. The Jets will play in the NLA this year.

Well, let's see now, by my reckoning that makes our beloved Tigers 1-9 in 2011 and tied for fifth place in the NLB with Fribourg.

Did I mention that I love a challenge?

I can only promise you one thing about the 2012 season: We will work hard to improve the conditioning and fundamentals of each and every Tiger. If we can all dedicate ourselves to this simple goal, then we will get better because . . .


The 2012 SAFV NLB schedule has not been published yet but in 2011, the Tigers first NLB game was on April 2nd and the regular season finale was played on June 19th.

For more on the Thun Tigers, go to the team website at:

For more on the Swiss League, click on the league website at:

Were there any other considerations besides the challenge that entered into my decision making?

Well, yes actually. I went to Google Image, entered the words "Thun, Switzerland" and these images popped up.

Thun sits in this valley on this lake

Historic Downtown Thun

The Thun Castle

No, I will not be living in the Castle.

I think.




David said...

Congratulations! Maybe this time I'll manage a visit, if the lottery cooperates.

First order of business: Change the team name to Baltic Beasts.

George said...


We are far from the Baltic sea coast, but you are right, Baltic Beasts is still my Number 1 nickname in all of Euroball.

Dick said...

Looks like some of your Huskie sportswear with fit in nicely.

George said...


Michael said...

Tiger Pride!!!