Monday, November 28, 2011

CFL Legends Luncheon Skirmish

Joe Kapp - Quarterback
University of California
British Columbia Lions 1961-66

Angelo Mosca - Defensive Tackle
University of Notre Dame
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1958-59 and 1963-72

As a follow-up to my previous post about the Canadian Football League's 99th Grey Cup Game, you need to click on the website below for a bizarre sequence at the CFL's Legends Luncheon last Friday.

Joe Kapp, 73 years old, was the B.C. Lions' QB in the 1963 Grey Cup. Their opponents that year were the Hamilton Tiger-Cats led by Defensive Tackle Angelo Mosca.

Apparently Mosca, now 74 years old, had a questionable/late hit on Kapp's teammate Willie Fleming. Fleming, the Lions best running back, was knocked out of the game with a concussion by Mosca's hit. Many believed that that was the turning point of the game.

The Tiger-Cats went on to win the 1963 Grey Cup by a score of 21-10.

I guess that it is sometimes really hard to get over a loss, take a look at this video clip:


Johan said...

A QB that sinks a DT with a combo of punches. Must be unusual but then again he has waited 48 years to get even.

George said...

Boxing Rule #1: Never start a fight if you have to use a cane to walk.