Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Leopard

Reading is FUNdamental

Another Great Mystery

Jo Nesbø.

Note the dropping of the "Ø" in his surname in the English language edition of this excellent mystery yarn that takes us from Hong Kong to the Congo and finally to Oslo.

It is Detective Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Squad at his finest and, unfortunately, darkest.

If you decide to get into Nesbø's Dectective Harry Hole series, then I advise you to read these excellent mystery novels in order.

I didn't.

Trying to read this series in sequential order does have a glitch, the first two books have still not been translated from Norwegian into English nor has the latest tome.

Here is the sequential order that you should be attempting:
1. The Bat Man - not available in the USA
2. The Cockroaches - not available in the USA
3. The Redbreast
4. Nemesis - I still have not been able to find this one at my local library
5. The Devil's Star
6. The Redeemer
7. The Snowman
8. The Leopard
9. Phantom - not available in the USA

I have finished The Redbreast, The Devil's Star, The Redeemer, The Snowman and The Leopard. Each one has been a fascinating tour of man's dark psyche.

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