Monday, September 5, 2011

Swedish American Football Federation Playoff Updates

Thanks to Sweden's #1 newshound and die-hard West Virginia Mountaineer fan, Johan Hammarqvist for the updates on SAFF's two missing playoff game results from the weekend. The SAFF new and improved SAFF website still has not posted these results even though it is late Monday afternoon in Sweden as I write this.


2011 SAFF Division I Playoff Qualifiers:
Uppsala 86ers (7-2, Norra #1)
Gefle Red Devils (6-2-1, Norra #2)

Nyköping Baltic Beasts (5-0, Östra #1)
Södertälje Truckers (4-2, Östra #2)

Göteborg Marvels (6-0, Västra #1)
Karlskoga Wolves (4-2, Västra #2)

Kristianstad Predators (8-2, Södra #1)
Limhamn Griffins (8-2, Södra #2)

First Round Playoff Results:
Uppsala 33 - Södertälje 0
Nyköping 26 - Gefle 7
Kristianstad 1 - Karlskoga 0 - Win By Forfeit
Limhamn 47 - Göteborg 30

Semi-Finals Games:
Saturday or Sunday, Sept. 10-11
Nyköping (6-0, Ö #1) at Uppsala (8-2, N #1)
Limhamn (9-2, S #2) at Kristianstad (9-2, S #1)

Relegation Games:
Saturday or Sunday, Sept. 17-18
Nyköping-Uppsala game winner at Superserien #6
Limhamn-Kristianstad winner game at Superserien #5

Again, with one game left in the Superserien regular season, the fifth place team is the Örebro Black Knights (2-6-1) who play at home on Saturday against the STU Northside Bulls (3-6). In sixth place at the moment are the Arlanda Jets (1-7-1) who finish on Saturday as well with a game at the home field of the Stockholm Mean Machines (7-2).

If you are not familiar with the Relegation Game concept borrowed from soccer, if either Division I team beats their Superserien opponent, they can claim the right to replace them in the 2012 Superserien. As a result, said Superserien Relegation Game loser would shift back to Division I next season.

Last year, both Superserien teams won their Relegation Games.

In the first Relegation Game in 2010, the Arlanda Jets (5-6, Superserien #5), defeated the Örebro Black Knights (13-1, Västra #1) 28-6.

In the other 2010 Relegation Game, the Djurgården IF (1-10, Superserien #6) defeated the Ystad Rockets (10-2-1, Södra #2) 7-0.

After the 2010 season Djurgården folded their team. Even though they lost their 2010 Relegation Game, the Örebro Black Knights still were promoted to the Superserien which is made up of Sweden's top six clubs in theory.


Johan said...

You are way to kind George :-).

Limhamn Griffins at Kristianstad Predators will be played Saturday at 4 PM.

Nyköping Baltic Beasts at Uppsala 86ers will be played Sunday at 1 PM.

I predict (sorry Ryan Bolland) that the Griffins will beat the Predators. Griffins have the advantage of being in a playoff mode and have been fired up the last games. I hope I´m wrong but thats my prediction.

Nyköping and Uppsala I have know idea about except scores from the games but I hope for Nyköping since it´s a town not far from where I grew up.

David said...

Go Baltic Beasts!

George said...

I'm with David on the Baltic Beast band wagon. Any chance that they could wear Maryland's uniforms if they make it to the Relegation Game?

Predators win a close one.

What is an 86er?

Anonymous said...

Predators season is over.. Griffins won 21-14