Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Full Football Weekend

Lots of American football this weekend but let us start out of order with the big college game of the week in the Contreras household, the season opener for the Washington Huskies.

The 2011 season got under way yesterday at home as the Dawgs hosted defending Division I-AA (I know that it is called something else but pleeeease) Champion Eastern Washington University Eagles.

I was very worried about this game as EWU is obviously a quality program and had everything to gain in this contest.

As expected they gave the Huskies all that they wanted until the very last minute of the game.

UW Defensive Back Desmond Trufant

This interception in the end zone, with 29 seconds left to play, sealed the 30-27 victory for the U. of W. It was that close.

Up next for the 1-0 Huskies is another home game next Saturday against a 1-0 Hawaii squad that beat the PAC-12's Colorado Buffaloes 34-17 last night.

Mike Contreras' First NPHS Game

Laurie donned her new black and gold Newbury Park Panther outfit, grabbed our good Nikon camera and went to Mike's first game as the J.V. Defensive Coordinator for the Panthers.

Nice Blowup Bulldog

It was the Newbury Park Panthers at the Buena Bulldogs.

Mike's 3-5-3 Defense in white

Mike coaching up his kids

Nice yellow belt.

Coach or Equipment Man,
it's all part of the job

Sideline Pageantry

Getting swarmed by the Bulldogs

Mike surrenders to long time
NPHS Head Coach George Hurley

George is retired now but is still pacing the sidelines on Friday nights. He is now very active as an American Civil War reenactor.

Leaving a Bulldog in his wake

Good pressure on the Buena QB

Breakaway for SIX!!!

George Hurley with NPHS Principal Athol Wong

Mike and his very happy fellow J.V. coaches

The reason for all of the post game smiles?

Final Score: Newbury Park 14 - Buena 7

The 1-0 Panthers have a BYE next week before opening Marmonte League play on Friday, Sept. 16th at Simi Valley H.S., home of the Pioneers.

Speaking of the Simi Valley . . .

Rio Mesa at Royal Scrimmage

The Spartan Varsity, J.V. and Frosh teams all traveled to toasty Simi Valley for the annual scrimmage against the Royal Highlanders.

The Frosh L.O.S.

Royal is in yellow on offense. The RMHS Frosh are in the red.

Spartan QB Cameron Wrout going deep

Mini-Spartans in Hot Pursuit!

After the Frosh and the J.V. teams finished their work, the Varsity teams took the field both wearing white. Because of this, RM wore their yellow scrimmage vests.

Spartan Punt Block

Spartan Punt

Here comes the BLITZ!!!

The ever explosive Jordan Nunnery

An old fashioned low tackle by a Spartan

Coaching DE Nick Holt

Only a Junior, I think Nick can be a very good high school lineman.

I don't think he always believes me.

Backside pressure by James Turner

Arm Up on the Pass Rush

Center Orion Du Bose

Overall, it was a good learning experience for both teams, just what a scrimmage should be.

We open our season next Friday night at home against the 0-1 San Marcos Royals. The Royals lost to the Cabrillo Conquistadores 44-9 Friday night.

Camarillo Hospice Country Music
Festival and Chili Cookoff

Today, many of our players volunteered their time to help in this very worthy fundraising extravaganza.

Lots of people and lots of activitiies

It was held at the historic
Camarillo Ranch House

About 20 different chili cooks were competing for the top prize including this one . . .


They had a Classic Car Show too.


No clue but it looks GREAT!

'56 Chevy Bel Air Wagon

For Sale, only $39,000


The 2011 Sewedish American Football Federation Division I playoffs began this weekend. As opposed to last year's eight team, two four-team pool format ala soccer, this season it is still eight teams but in a now single elimination tournament.

Sort of.

Their will again be no official Division I National Champion at the end of the playoffs. Instead, the two sem-final game winners will play the two bottom feeding teams from Sweden's top league, the Superserien, in relegation games.

As mentioned in previous posts, Division I is divided into four regional Conferences Norre (North), Östra (East), Västra (West) and Södra (South). The top two teams in each conference advanced to the playoffs this weekend.

First Round Games:
Södertälje Truckers (4-2, Ö #2) at Uppsala 86ers (7-2, N #1)
Gefle Red Devils (6-2-1, N #2) at Nyköping Baltic Beasts (5-0, Ö #1 )
Karlskoga Wolves (4-2, V #2) at Kristianstad Predators (8-2, S #1)
Limhamn Griffins (8-2, S #2) at Göteborg Marvels (6-0, V #1)

First Round Results:
Södertälje at Uppsala - No Score Posted Online
Gefle at Nyköping - No Score Posted Online
Kristianstad 1 - Karlskoga 0 - Win By Forfeit
Limhamn 47 - Göteborg 30

Semi-Finals on Sept. 10 or 11:
Winner of Gefle-Nyköping at the winner of Södertälje-Uppsala
Limhamn (9-2) at Kristianstad (9-2)

Relegation Games on Sept. 17 or 18:
Winner of Gefle-Nyköping/Södertälje-Uppsala games at Superserien #6
Winner of the Limhamn-Kristianstad game at Superserien #5

Let's look at Ryan Bolland's Kristianstad forfeir win over Karlskoga. He was notified last Sunday, the day after the regular season by Karlskoga that they would forfeit due to their inability to afford the travel costs of the 285 mile drive to Kristianstad. The Limhamn-Kristianstad "rubber match" is up next.

As for the relegation games, with one week left in the Superserien regular season, the fifth place team is the Örebro Black Knights (2-6-1) while the Arlanda Jets (1-7-1) bring up the rear.

Kevin "Tank" Contreras
Turns One Month Old

That's Our Grandson!!!

Great Tank Hat

We visited our friends Terry and Elin Terrazone Saturday night. Their son Tyler is a jet pilot in the U.S. Air Force currently stationed in Iraq. This is one of his flight helmets, his nickname is Tank too!


God's Spreed Tyler!!!


David said...

The Baltic Beasts have to be favored in their playoff game on nickname alone.

Johan said...

Uppsala 33-0 Södertälje.
Nyköping 26-7 Gefle.

George said...


Baltic Beasts may be the best nickname EVER!


As always, thanks for your nose for news. Also, congrats on your West Virginia Mountaineers' (1-0) 34-13 victory over in-state rival Marshall on Sunday!

George said...

I know it makes no geographic sense, but if the NFL does ever return to L.A., couldn't we all rally around an NFL expansion team called . . .

The Los Angeles Baltic Beasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

George, if you ever get back to Sweden, I need a Baltic Beasts T-shirt.

George said...


What size would you like?