Saturday, September 10, 2011

RMHS Wins Season Opener

The 2011 Rio Mesa High School football season officially started last night as the San Marcos Royals (0-1) invaded John Reardon Field to try to upset the homestanding Spartans (0-0).

Before we review the game, let us take a look at last week's games that our opponents played while we scrimmaged Royal.

Week Zero Results: BOLD = RM Opponent
Cabrillo 44 - San Marcos 7
Ventura 36 - Pacifica 16
Channel Islands 20 - Santa Barbara 14
Righetti 27 - Dos Pueblos 7
Newbury Park 17 - Buena 7
Thousand Oaks 62 - Hueneme 0
BYES: Camarillo, Oxnard and Rio Mesa

"What a BEAUTIFUL Night
for American Football!!!"

Coach Bo Espinoza

Bo coaches our Falcons (Strong Safeties) and they played well last night! Bo was a great player for the Spartans in the '90s, a three year starter and one of the best I've coached in my 20+ years at RM. He brings great passion for the game every time he steps on to the field.

Coaches John Du Bose and Steven Stroh

They both work with our Offensive Linemen and did a great job getting the Hogs ready to play last night.

"Captains Out"

#8 QB Christian McNair, #4 RB/DB Jordan Nunnery, #11 RB/LB Tanner Wrout and #3 Falcon James Turner

The Spartans Take the Field


This was a big, clean hit on the QB by OLB Mitchell Haerterich . . . AWESOME!!!

#95 NG "Che" Williams and #28 DE Nick Holt

These two both did a GREAT job on the Defensive Line.

Punt Block Team

Good pressure on this first punt of the game resulted in . . .

. . . Jordan Nunnery TO THE HOUSE!!!

Good pressure on the punter plus great blocking downfield resulted in a 65 yard punt return for a TD only 41 seconds into the game.

Rio Mesa 7 - San Marcos 0

Besides this great TD producing punt return, Jordan would rush ten times for 130 yards and two more TDs.

Coach Brett Phillips and Head Coach Bob Gregorchuk

Brett handles our Special Teams which did very well on this cool evening. Bob also doubles as our Offensive Coordinator.


Christian McNair did a nice job as our QB. Our line performed well in protecting him.

Tim Dominguez on the PAT

Defensive Action and Lots of Colorful Uniforms

One Royals Ballcarrier
and Six Spartan Defenders

I like our odds here, good swarm.

At the half, Rio Mesa led 30-0.

RM Cheerleader Run-Through Banner

Spartans Take the Field Again

Tanner Wrout for Six!

Tanner trucked a few Royals along the way this evening as he totaled 13 carries for 116 yards and two TDs.

Defensive Coordinator Mike Moon

When I retired from teaching and started coaching in Europe, I strongly recommended Mike as my successor as RM's DC. He works hard and proves daily that my faith in him was duly warranted!

Our back ups played most of the second half as we scored on the last play of the third quarter to make it 44-7. Thus, by new rule in high school football this season, once we had a 35+ point lead at any time in the 4th quarter, we automatically finished with a running clock.

"Tiger" Defenders Still Running to the Ball!!!

Love seeing these kids have success in the 4th quarter.

Post Game Talk, Final Score:
Rio Mesa (1-0) 44 - San Marcos (0-2) 7

Bob had a lot of positive things to hit on as we led in first downs 17-1 and outgained the Royals 369 yards to 82!

I firmly believe that "Shutouts are Fascist." I think it is good for both teams to leave the field with a modicum of dignity, thus I was glad to see the Royals have one shining moment, it was a good one.

Although they were only 1 for 11 passing, the Royals lone score came on a 68 yard TD pass late in the 3rd quarter.

Things become much harder next week as we travel to Ventura H.S. to play the very physical Cougars (2-0). Last year's game was a shoot-out with VHS prevailing 55-41. Should be a great game next Friday!

Week #1 Results: BOLD = RM Opponent
Rio Mesa 44 - San Marcos 7
Ventura 38 - Agoura 0
Santa Barbara 27 - Beverly Hills 6
San Luis Obispo 36 - Dos Pueblos 23
Camarillo 20 - Buena 15
Pacifica 60 - Nordhoff 56
Quartz Hill 42 - Oxnard 13
Santa Clara 35 - Hueneme 34
Channel Islands 23 - Oak Park 7

Week #2 Games: BOLD = RM Opponent
Friday, September 16th
Rio Mesa (1-0) at Ventura (2-0)
San Marcos (0-2) at Beverly Hills (0-1)
Santa Barbara (1-1) at Lompoc (2-0)
Cabrillo (2-0) at Dos Pueblos (0-2)
Buena (0-2) at Saugus (1-1)
Pacifica (1-1) at Santa Paula (0-1)
Oxnard (0-1) at San Luis Obispo (1-1)
Hueneme (0-2) at Nordhoff (0-2)
Channel Islands (2-0) at Santa Clara (1-0)
Camarillo (1-0) at Righetti (1-1)

Pacific View League Standings
Channel Islands 0-0 PVL, 2-0 overall
Camarillo 0-0, 1-0
Rio Mesa 0-0, 1-0
Pacifica 0-0, 1-1
Oxnard 0-0, 0-1
Hueneme 0-0, 0-2


Hawaii Warriors (1-0)
Washington Huskies (1-0)

White *&%#ing Helmets!!!!!!!!

I have been a University of Washington fan since January 1, 1960 when they thrashed the heavily favored Wisconsin Badgers 44-6 in the Rose Bowl. In all of these ensuing 51 years, the Huskies have worn mostly gold lids with a few seasons of purple hats for the team as well as the coveted, defense only Purple Helmets of the late 1960's.

Today we wore white helmets with white pants . . . after Labor Day . . . at least we won 40-32 but at what fashion sense cost???

Up next for the Huskies (2-0) is a dangerous road game at Nebraska (2-0), still smarting from their Holiday Bowl loss to washington last December in San Diego.

We watched Michigan's (2-0) incredible comeback 35-31 win against Notre Dame (0-2) tonight with the Murphy clan at Cathy Saltee's house. WHAT A GAME!!!

Swedish Football Playoffs

The Swedish Division I football playoffs continued today and I hate to report that Ryan Bolland's #1 seeded Division I Södra Kristianstad Predators squad lost to their rivals, the Limhamn Griffins 21-14 in the semi-finals. Thus the Predators finish the year with a 9-3 record. A disappointing end I am sure to a great first season as a Division I team.

To date, that is the only result from this weekend's games that the SAFF website has posted.

Semi-Finals Games:
Saturday or Sunday, Sept. 10-11
Nyköping (6-0, Ö #1) at Uppsala (8-2, N #1)
Limhamn 21 - Kristianstad 14

Relegation Games:
Saturday or Sunday, Sept. 17-18
Nyköping-Uppsala game winner at Superserien #6
Limhamn (10-2, S #2) at Superserien #5


Michael said...

Nice tie.

Johan said...

Nyköping 12-21 Uppsala.

Hence Uppsala will play at Arlanda and Limhamn at STU.

George said...


You never cease to amaze me or the people who "run" the "new and improved" SAFF website.

WVU 's 2-0 start is great but Norfolk State 55-12? That is a MUCH worse beating than our Eastern Washington victory!!!

George said...

How could the Baltic Beasts lose?

Johan said...

Crap! I posted a comment but it didn´t come up. Well I´ll try again. Here you can read a little about the Baltic Beast game:

SAFF is a bunch of xxx in my opinion. At least from what I have seen and heard.

Mountaineers what can I say? 144 total yards rushing in TWO games against Marshall and Norfolk State. Scary... I´m not looking forward to this weekend vs ugly ass uniforms.