Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rio Mesa Spartans on NFL Rosters

The 2011 NFL season starts next week and two of our former Rio Mesa H.S. Spartan players made the final roster cuts to be on the opening day rosters for their respective squads.

Scott Fujita, OLB
Cleveland Browns
Rio Mesa H.S., Class of 1997
University of California

Scott starts his 10th NFL campaign this season. He has also played for the Kansas City Chiefs (3 years), Dallas Cowboys (1 year), New Orleans Saints (4 years) as well as the Browns (2 years).

The crown jewel of his career was being the Saints starting OLB on their Super Bowl XLIV Championship team.

Kevin "Quito" Thomas, CB
Indianapolis Colts
Rio Mesa H.S., Class of 2005
University of Southern California

Officially this is Quito's second season in the NFL, both with the Colts. In actuality, he missed all of the 2010 season due to a pre-season injury. He has fought hard to rehabilitate himself and it has paid off!

Good luck to both of
these Spartans in 2011!

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