Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baseball and EuroBall Updates

Mike's Hueneme H.S. Vikings Frosh baseball team only had one game this week, a home contest against the Camarillo Scorpions. Including this one, there are only five games left in the campaign for the Vikings to notch a win.

It didn't look good from the start as Mike only had the bare minimum of nine players in uniform for the first pitch. In the second inning a tenth player showed up from an afternoon dentist appointment.

Possible Contact

The Scorpions' pitcher was really on his game allowing only one walk and a second Viking runner who reached base on a throwing error.

No hits.

They call it "The Hot Corner" for a reason

Making a play on a slow roller

The quest continues next Tuesday at home against Channel Islands H.S.

EuroBall Updates

2011 Division I Södra Standings
The top two teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 SAFF Division I Playoffs with the top two teams from each of the other three Division I Conferences.

Kristianstad Predators (2-0)
Ystad Rockets (2-0)
Ekeby Greys (0-1)

Hässleholm Hurricanes (0-1)
Limhamm Griffins (0-1)
Lugi Vikings (0-1)

Week 2 Results
Kristianstad 56 - Ekeby 8
Ystad 20 - Lugi 0
BYES: Hässleholm and Limhamn

Week 3 Games
Saturday, May 7th
Ystad (2-0) at Ekeby (0-1)

Sunday, May 8th
Hässleholm (0-1) at Limhamn (0-1)

BYES: Kristianstad (2-0) and Lugi (0-1)

SAAF Division I Södra Notes: Ryan Bolland is quickly becoming the hottest, new American coach to hit the EuroBall scene in a long time. It is not just his getting the first year Kristianstad Predators off to a great start, it is the way they are doing it in this traditionally defensive oriented Division.

After their first two games, the Predators have out-scored their opponents 106-8. The other five teams in Division I Södra have only scored a total of 34 points combined in their first two weekends of games!

If Ryan can keep the Predators' heads small enough to still fit in their helmets, then they are going to be hard to beat.

Italian Football League Standings
The top four teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 IFL Playoffs.

Bologna Warriors 5-0
Ancona Dolphins 4-1
Catania Elephants 3-1
Milan Seamen 3-2
Parma Panthers 3-2

Bolzano Giants 2-3
Milan Rhinos 2-3
Reggio Emilia Hogs 2-3
Lazio Marines 0-4
Bologna Doves 0-5

Week 6 Results
Reggio Emilia Hogs 44 - Milan Seamen 42
Bolzano Giants 42 - Bologna Doves 6
Bologna Warriors 34 - Parma Panthers 23
Ancona Dolphins 62 - Milan Rhinos 42
BYES: Catania Elephants and Lazio Marines

Week 7 Game
Saturday, May 7th
Lazio Marines (0-4) at Catania Elephants (3-1)

BYES: Ancona Dolphins (4-1), Bologna Doves (0-5), Bologna Warriors (5-0), Bolzano Giants (2-3), Milan Rhinos (2-3), Milan Seamen (3-2), Parma Panthers (3-2) and Reggio Emilia Hogs (2-3)

IFL Notes: As opposed to football in Sweden's Division I Södra, the IFL is ALL about offense. The old axiom "Defense Wins Championships" may still be alive, albeit in a somewhat distorted way in the land of the Renaissance.

The Bologna Warriors, who currently sit on top of the IFL table with a perfect 5-0 record, do indeed have the league's best defense allowing 20.8 points per game.

The complete IFL Defensive Points Per Game (ppg) Allowed Chart looks like this:
1. Bologna Warriors (5-0) 20.8 ppg
2. Milan Seamen (3-2) 32.2 ppg
3. Parma Panthers (3-2) 32.6 ppg
4. Milan Rhinos (2-3) 37.4 ppg
5. Catania Elephants (3-1) 38.0 ppg

6. Reggio Emilia Hogs (2-3) 39.6 ppg
7. Ancona Dolphins (4-1) 39.8 ppg
8. Bolzano Giants (2-3) 40.0 ppg
9. Bologna Doves (0-5) 45.8 ppg
10. Lazio Marines (0-4) 52.5 ppg

If you like offense, you will LOVE watching a game in Italy!

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