Friday, April 29, 2011

Malin Janssons, Hässleholm Hurricanette for a Day

Worse Than Giving Birth?

NorraSkåne Reporter Malin Janssons
in the White Jersey

Malin, black helmet, going out for a pass

Malin, now on defense

NorraSkåne published a nice article by Malin Janssons, a female reporter for the paper who suited out for a practice with the Hässleholm Huriicanes. She claims that practice was definitely not worse than giving birth!

If you click on the link below you will get both the written article and a three minute video of her at practice.

Where did they ever get all of those Buena Bulldog jerseys?


Ryan Bolland said...

She probably doesn't realize it, but a legendary former BHS S/OLB/Long Snapper once wore number 48 in Black and Blue as a Freshman and Sophomore. He may have worn that very jersey, as a matter of fact.

George said...

I think you should go to Hässleholm and autograph it as a fundraiser for the 'Canes.