Monday, April 18, 2011

Really Busy Week

Another busy week being a tourist in my own town.


First up on the agenda was a trip to the World War II Air Museum at the Camarillo Airport, about a five minute drive from Casa Contreras. The museum has been up and running for about 20 years and we moved to Camarillo in 1976. It was time for us to finally get together.

B-25 Mitchell Bomber

It landed about ten minutes before I took this photo. Hard to believe one just like this one could take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean on its way to Tokyo.


An Allied staple during WWII.

British Spitfire

The key to victory in the Battle of Britain.

There were lots of great exhibits throughout the museum and I highly suggest that you visit it the next time you are in Ventura County.


We joined our son Mike for an evening of baseball as the Los Angeles Dodgers (6-7) hosted the St. Louis Cardinals (6-7) on Major League Baseball's Jackie Robinson Night commemorating the day baseball's Color Line was finally broken by the then Brooklyn Dodgers.

Food and Refreshments at
Barney's Beanery

Rather than paying the outrageous food prices at Dodger Stadium, we stopped at the legendary Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood to fill up our bellies.

It worked.

$15 to Park a Car

We opted to park for free on Academy Road and walk the half mile to the stadium.


We arrived as the Cardinals were
taking batting practice

David Lassen
"The Hardest Working Man
in the L.A. Sports Media"

David is fourth from the left with the silver earphones. We got a chance to visit before the game started. . . still a GREAT guy!!!

Don Newcombe threw out the ceremonial First Pitch

Newcombe joined Jackie Robinson on the Dodgers' roster in 1949 and went on to win the 1949 National League Rookie of the Year Award, the 1956 NL MVP Award and the 1956 Inaugural Cy Young Award as the best pitcher in all of major league baseball. Jackie was his teammate until Robinson retired from the game at the end of the 1956 season.

After retiring, Newcombe has worked for years in several front office capacities for the Dodgers.

He was a splendid choice to help honor the memory of Jackie Robinson on this spectacular SoCal night.

Dodger John Garland's First Pitch

It would be a LOOOOONG night for the Boys in Blue.

Hey, everybody is wearing #42?

That was Jackie's number and it is retired in all of major league baseball except for April 15th every year when every player in both the American and National Leagues wears #42. No names are allowed on the jerseys making it a tough night for all media members and fans.

Rally Caps

We pulled out all the stops but to no avail, the Cardinals hammered out 19 hits including four home runs and six doubles. . . DOUBLE YIKES!!!

The final score was St. Louis 11 - Los Angeles 2.

On the Field

After all Friday night games this season, all 36,282 fans were allowed to step onto the hallowed grass of Dodger Stadium to watch a fireworks display of Sicilian proportions.

The natural grass surface is absolutely perfect even if Los Doyers are not.


The Hueneme Vikings Frosh baseball team travelled to Channel Islands H.S. to play the Raiders again.

Mikey Magaña at bat

That's Rio Mesa H.S. Offensive Line Coach, John Dubose umpiring behind the plate. Another GREAT guy and a pretty good umpire as it turns out.

Safe at Third

Safe at Home

Out at Home

Safe at Home Again

Post game, serving the Vikings
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
and Chips

The Vikings continue to improve but still thirst for the first victory of the campaign.


California Lutheran University's
37th Annual Scandinavian Festival

Once again, we had never made it the 20 minute drive over the Norwegian Grade for this Festival, it was time to go at last!

It brought back lots of very positive memories from our days in Skåne.

Dahla Horse Croquet

We never saw this game in our Scandinavian Adventures.


Now this game we did play but under the influence of Martin "My Little Pony" Andrä's moonshine. No alcohol allowed on a Sunday at CLU.

They called it a May Pole

It is really a Mid Sommar Pole. It was nice but not nearly as ornate as the ones we saw in Hässleholm and at the Palmbrink's home last Summer.

Meatball, Potatoes and

This tasted quite good indeed!

Mormor's Swedish Pancakes

A Mormor is your Grandmother on your Mother's side as opposed to a Farmor, your Father's Mother.


Now these were FANTASTIC!

So good, in fact, that we went back for a second plate about an hour later. . .

We could definitely taste a Mormor's love in the cooking.

Hey, how did the Italians sneak in here?

Scandinavian Crafts were everywhere

Death Before Dishonor!

Everyone needs a Dahla Horse

I like the red ones best.

We did purchase two more Kosta Boda Glasets (glasses) and a small Kosta Boda bowl, all three in blue, to match the two blue Kosta Boda Miniglasets we brought home from Sweden last Summer.

. . . Builds Character?

Well I'm not sure if it builds character, but we did meet lots of Swedes who were characters.

CLU's Proposed Stave Church

The Kingsmen are raising money to have Norwegian Craftsmen come to Thousand Oaks to build them a full sized Stave Church on campus. It would be AWESOME!

They are accepting any and all donations no matter how big or small.

My bed in Hässleholm was not this fancy

A Swedish Nyckelharpa

We never saw one of these in Skåne but this lady made really sweet music with this traditional Swedish instrument.

Laurie's Two New Viking Friends

Laurie tries her hand at making
Swedish Lace

Lots of fun was had by all in attendance at CLU today.

Goodness, I didn't realize how much I missed the all-you-can-eat Swedish Pancake Thursdays at the Hässleholm Golf Club!!!

EuroBall Updates

#21 Christian DiMauro Leading the
Catania Defense

After last year's Elephants-Hogs barn burner in northern Italy won by Catania 75-70 on the final day of the 2010 regular season, it was anyone's guess as to what their 2011 meeting had in store.

The Elephants (3-1) continued their march to another IFL post-season berth as they beat the Reggio Emilia Hogs (1-3) in a by IFL standards, relatively low scoring, close game, 30-26.

The Elephants now have two weekends off before hosting the Lazio Marines (0-4) on Saturday, May 7th.

Italian Football League Standings
The top four teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 IFL Playoffs

Bologna Warriors 4-0
Ancona Dolphins 3-1
Catania Elephants 3-1
Milan Seamen 3-1
Parma Panthers 3-1

Milan Rhinos 2-2
Bolzano Giants 1-3
Reggio Emilia Hogs 1-3
Bologna Doves 0-4
Lazio Marines 0-4

Week 5 Results
Catania Elephants 30 -
Reggio Emilia Hogs 26
Bologna Warriors 42 - Milan Rhinos 28
Milan Seamen 44 - Bologna Doves 12
Ancona Dolphins 64 -
Lazio Marines 42
Parma Panthers 49 - Bolzano Giants 21

Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24
No Games Scheduled due to Easter

Week 6 Games
Saturday, April 30th
Reggio Emilia Hogs (1-3) at Milan Seamen (3-1)
Bologna Doves (0-4) at Bolzano Giants (1-3)
Parma Panthers (3-1) at Bologna Warriors (4-0)
Milan Rhinos (2-2) at Ancona Dolphins (3-1)

BYES: Catania Elephants (3-1) and Lazio Marines (0-4)

The Hässleholm Hurricanes New Logo

The 2011 Swedish American Football Federation's season begins on Saturday April 23rd.

SAFF's Division I is made up of 24 teams this year divided into four geographic Conferences.

The Hässleholm Hurricanes, playing a ten game regular season schedule, will be competing in the new look, six team Division I Södra.

Gone from the 2010 Division I Södra are three franchises that no longer exist. The defending Division I Södra Kristianstad C4 Lions has ceased to function. The Oskarshamn Dockers who forfeited most of their season starting about two hours before our scheduled game with them last June 5th decided not to give it a go. Finally, the Carlshamn Oakleaves who courageously finished their season in 2010 despite being very undermanned, have also opted to sit out the 2011 season.

A new team has been added to Division I Södra, the Kristianstad Predators coached by former Hässleholm Offensive Coordinator Ryan Bolland.

2011 Division I Södra Teams (2010 Division I Södra records)
The top two teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 SAFF Division I Playoffs
Ekeby Greys (1-5-2)
Hässleholm Hurricanes (3-5)
Kristianstad Predators (no team in 2010)
Limhamm Griffins (4-3-1)
Lugi Vikings (4-5)
Ystad Rockets (7-1-1)

Week 1 Games
Saturday, April 23rd
Hässleholm (0-0) at Kristianstad (0-0)
Ystad (0-0) at Limhamn (0-0)

BYES: Ekeby (0-0) and Lugi (0-0)

It should be another great season of American football in Skåne,

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David said...

Great seeing you as well ... still laughing that you were able to get my attention by yelling from your seats. Oh, and I'm probably going to borrow that photo for my Facebook page.

Seated next to me in the press box, incidentally are (from the left) Steve Dilbeck, (L.A. Times Dodgers blog), Ben Bolch (L.A. Times) and Vinny Bonsignore (L.A. Daily News).