Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday and Football Photos

Easter Sunday 2011 was a small but pleasant affair at our home. Vanessa, Mike and Grandma Florene joined us on this peaceful afternoon for food and friendship.

Mike and Vanessa's Easter Basket

Where the Easter Bunny found the Fernando Valenzuela autographed baseball is way beyond me.

Lots of snacks to ruin your appetite


You have to have an Egg Tree!

Swedish Towel

This towel was in the Easter basket that the Palmbrinks gave me last year in Skåne.

A traditional Swedish Easter Egg

Also from the Palmbrink's Easter basket, it was filled with candy just like last year.

It was at about this time that Vanessa took my camera outside to take pictures to prove Laurie's gardening skills.

Spring Flowers

A Future Peach

Stairway to ?

A Glass Bunny

A Garlic Bunny

My Bunny

Time for Dinner

Fully Sated

Dessert, Peeps Optional

Football Pictures From Sweden

Hurricanes Foot Stool
hand made by Molly Grip

It was not easy getting this home from Sweden. I have it in my computer room/den and it always reminds me of the great people I've met through football, on and off the field, in both Sweden and Sicily.

Our friend Shawn Cordeiro sent me over 1,000 photos from Saturday's season opener between the 'Canes and the Predators. Here are some of them.

Martin Andrä

In every one of my 44 seasons of coaching American football both here and abroad, I've had the fotune to meet lots of wonderful, special people. Martin is one of those people. Great guy who brews a mean bottle of moonshine.

I wonder if he still sports a "My Little Pony" sticker on the other side of his helmet?

You had to be there.

And I was.

Kristianstad Head Coach Ryan Bolland
leading the Predators in their
first ever Division I game

Coaching Note:
Nose and Right End still need a little
work on getting off on the snap

Hurricanes Opening a Huge Hole

The basis of the Predator's attack is
the Spread Zone Read

Bombs Away

The big key in the game was Kristianstad's ability to throw the ball as I understand the game reports. In a non-import division like Sweden's Division I, a good passing attack is a devastating weapon.

Bomb Completed for Six

It happened more than once in the first half

Frank Hilgers
#66 in your program, #1 in your heart

Another one of the really good guys I've had the good fortune to meet due to EuroBall.

For my beloved Hurricanes remember, "Nothing is ever as good as it seems and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. The truth is somewhere in the middle." Work harder and prepare, in two weeks, to


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