Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut - One of the 59 Best Breakfast Places in America

About a week ago I received an e-mail from Esquire magazine that included an article titled "The 59 Best Breakfast Places in America."

To my surprise, they listed a restaurant in Oxnard only 20 minutes from our home called Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut. To my much greater surprise even though Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut opened in 1974, I had never heard of it, much less tasted their wares.

So, thus emboldened, I drove to the Hollywood Beach area of beautiful Oxnard today to expand my horizons.

And my waist line.

Modest Looks

This instantly got my juices flowing because the #1 rule of my style of dining is "Any Hole-in-the-Wall Bistro = AWESOME dining experience!"

The Bacon Breakfast Burrito

Esquire highly recommended the Breakfast Burrito. Who was I to argue?

It was large but manegable. The ingredients were prepared perfectly and after ten minutes I was now ready to face the world.

Rule #1 NEVER fails!!!

As for location, Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut is just a half block from the Pacific Ocean.

Hollywood Beach has lots of sand

Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean.

Nice beachfront homes, NOT CHEAP!!!

For more information on Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut or any of the other 59 restaurants on the list that might be near you, go to:

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