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#28 in your program, #1 in your heart!

The biggest news on the EuroBall scene, other than Stan Bedwell's Kragujevac (Serbia) Wild Boars stunning EFAF Cup Semi-Final game 35-22 victory in France over the Thonon les Bains Black Panthers, was the return to action of Catania wide receiver Claudio Mangano. A big plus for the Elephants in their final push to make the 2011 IFL playoffs.

As for the Wild Boars, great nickname by the way, they will play the winner of the June 4th,
Søllerød (Denmark) Gold Diggers at
London Blitz game for the EFAF Cup at the end of June.

In Barcelona, Spain today, the Swedish Women's National American Football Team took on their counterparts from my favorite Iberian peninsula country, España.

Sweden was heavily favored to win this "friendly" competition. The reason for this is that this is the first time that Spain has fielded a women's National team while the Swedish ladies started playing international games in 2008. Experience gave the Scandanavian eleven a huge edge in their 36-14 victory.

2011 Division I Södra Standings
The top two teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 SAFF Division I Playoffs with the top two teams from each of the other three Division I Conferences.

Kristianstad Predators (5-0)
Ystad Rockets (4-1)

Limhamm Griffins (2-2)
Lugi Vikings (2-2)
Ekeby Greys (0-4)
Hässleholm Hurricanes (0-4)

Week 6 Results
Kristianstad 51 - Limhamn 44
Lugi 15 - Hässleholm 14
BYES: Ekeby and Ystad

Week 7 Games
Saturday, June 4th
Lugi (2-2) at Ekeby (0-4)

Monday, June 6th
Kristianstad (5-0) at Ystad (4-1)

BYES: Hässleholm (0-4) and Limhamn (2-2)

SAAF Division I Södra Notes: Kristianstad (5-0) and Ystad (4-1) continue their march to the 2011 playoffs as all Division I Södra teams near the midpoint of the ten game season. Week 7 sees these two teams playing for the second and final time this Spring in a rematch of their Week 5 game at Kristianstad won by the Predators 13-0. If Ryan Bolland's Kristianstad squad can prevail, they would be two games ahead of Ystad with only four games to play. If the Ystad Rockets avenge their loss, then the two squads would be fighting it out for the Division's top spot the rest of the Summer. Either way, I think that the rest of the Division will have a very tough assignment in trying two catch either of these two clubs.

As for our favorite SAFF team, the Hässleholm Hurricanes, another contest brought another tough loss, this time to the Lugi Vikings by a count of 15-14. All reports are that the 'Canes showed improvement which is good news indeed. The unfortunate story line was that Lugi was down 14-0 at the half and was able to come back and snatch the victory from the Green and Black at the very end of the game with a TD and a two point conversion.


Read all about it through the eyes of NorraSkåne ace reporter Johan Hammarqvist at:

Italian Football League Standings
The top four teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 IFL Playoffs.

Bologna Warriors 8-0
Parma Panthers 6-2
Ancona Dolphins 5-3
Catania Elephants 5-3

Milan Rhinos 4-4
Reggio Emilia Hogs 4-4
Milan Seamen 3-5
Bolzano Giants 3-5
Lazio Marines 2-6
Bologna Doves 0-8

Week 10 Results
Catania 42 - Milan Seamen 34
Lazio 50 - Bologna Doves 0
Bologna Warriors 67 - Ancona 66
Reggio Emilia 28 - Bolzano 27
Parma 43 - Milan Rhinos 28

Week 11 Game - Final Regular Season Games
Saturday, June 4th
Parma (6-2) at Milan Seamen (3-5)
Bologna Warriors (8-0) at Lazio (2-6)
Milan Rhinos (4-4) at Bologna Doves (0-8)
Ancona (5-3) at Reggio Emilia (4-4)

Sunday, June 5th
Bolzano (3-5) at Catania (5-3)

IFL Notes: "Defense Wins Championships" - Bear Bryant, Legendary University of Alabama Coach


Yes indeed, the top two teams in the IFL, the undefeated Bologna Warriors with the best defense in the league and the Ancona Dolphins with the best offense in the IFL, met on Saturday. As usual, good defense stopped good offense. The combined 133 points scored is the second highest total in IFL history. The 2010 Catania-Reggio Emilia game lit up the scoreboard for 145 points and was won by the Elephants 75-70.

With their victory, the Warriors sewed up the regular season IFL championship and a Semi-Final home game as the #1 seed in the playoffs which start on June 25th. The only question for the Warriors is will they rest some of their players in their meaningless season finale vs. the 2-6 Lazio Marines?

Week 11 is the final week of the IFL regular season and the last two playoff spots are still up for grabs. The Parma Panthers (6-2), Ancona (5-3) and Catania (5-3) will wrap up the #2-3-4 seeds respectively if they all win this coming weekend. In this scenario, Ancona earns the #3 seed over Catania by virtue of their 60-41 victory over the Elephants in Week 2.

Wins by the Milan Rhinos and Reggio Emilia would create at least a three way tie for a playoff spot with Ancona. If that happens and Catania were to lose as well, then there would be a four way tie for the last two playoff spots as all four of these teams would be 5-4 on the season.

Interesting. . .

For our favorite IFL team, the beloved Elephants of Catania, the easy way into the playoffs is simply to beat Bolzano next Sunday. . . "Just Win, Baby!"


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