Friday, October 29, 2010

Wallander Time

The Rio Mesa Spartans (3-4, 1-1 Pacific View League) host the Channel Islands Raiders (2-5, 0-2) in the annual Homecoming Game tonight.

In related football news, the San Francisco 49ers (1-6) play the Denver Broncos (2-5) in London this weekend. I know that many members of the Hässleholm Hurricanes family will be in attendance at this crucial NFL contest. I suspect that many of the Elephants will also venture from Catania to the UK for the weekend's festivities.

I know that it will be a GREAT DAY FOR AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

Meanwhile, back in the world of literature . . .

I continue to pour through Henning Mankell's intriguing Kurt Wallader mysteries set in the Skåne region of Sweden.

Firewall was about computer crime and I actually finished it on the Camino. I felt that Mankell was starting to hit a wall in his Wallander series with this effort. He actually took a long break from Wallander before finally penning . . .

I finished The Pyramid this morning. A prequel, it is a series of short stories detailing Wallander's life in crime fighting before he appears in the first of the Wallander mysteries, Faceless Killers.

I have really enjoyed all of his books but occasionally want to strangle Wallander, he never learns from his own mistakes.

I am now down to the final book in the Wallander series, Before the Frost.

What will I do without him and Swedish crime stories???


Michael said...

You should definitly read books of Hakan Nesser. He writes the best swedish crimes, imho.

George said...

Thanks Michael, I'll have to hiy Borders this week.