Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Week

The Halloween Week festivities started, as they always do, with the unveiling of Spooky Town at the Murphy household.

Laurie and the Mayor of Spooky Town,
Ian Murphy

Much to the dissatisfaction of the community's leading ghouls and vampires, Mayor Murphy has decided to step down from public life so this would be his final official event.

Could Ian's sister Cyndy take over the Mayoral duties?

No way. The obvious choice to take control of the city's volatile political scene is . . .

Cyndy's son Dylan!

Nepotism is alive and well in Spooky Town!!!

The Lights of Spooky Town

Cool Gazebo

If there is one thing the Murphy family loves,
it is a good tattoo!

Lots of millionaires call Spooky Town home

Spooky Town opened to great acclaim on Wedneday night and we had a great time getting into the Halloween mood.

On Saturday night, it was time for a Halloween Party at our home. I hope Laurie can find something to decorate our house properly for the occasion like . . .

A few pumpkins

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
and a Pumpkin

No, it was actually Laurie and her sister Gayle guarding the food.

Dorothy even brought her dog Toto

Magnum P.I, a Homecoming Queen
and a Pirate

In reality, Michael, Vanessa and Vanessa's sister Elizabeth

Laurie and George Contreras

These are our now former good friends Koreen and Brian FitzGerald blaspheming our good names! We never OKed this mass production of Halloween costumes in our likenesses.

I sense a lucrative lawsuit!

Father Camino and Magnum P.I.

I'm Conflicted

So is Laurie

Damn, it's like looking in a mirror!

Robin and an 80's Guy with Magnum

Brandon Fuchs and Scott Borchart join Mike for some chit-chat.

Cosmo Kramer was in the house!

Nope, it was really Gonzalo Rodriguez.

Angie Borchart, Koreen and Pam Rodriguez

Bat People!

Monica Fuchs and two charming friends that joined us.

A Pirate and Mario

Kathy DeVera and Jeff McDermott

Surreal is a good word


Monica and Tim Linzey

Timmy Linzey likes football!

What the . . .

Very disturbing

Again I say, what the . . .

Nice tiara Jamahal

Girls just want to have fun!

Krystal Quintanilla, Ben Todd,
Mike and Vanessa

I think everyone had a smashing time indeed! All that is left now is the actual giving out of the candy on Halloween night!

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Johan said...

The FitzGeralds could fool anyone as Mr. and Mrs. Contreras!