Friday, October 1, 2010

Camino Photos, Stages 6 through 10

Let us continue with our photo journal of the Camino de Santiago.

Wednesday, September 1st, STAGE 6
Estella to Los Arcos

Just a cool purple wild flower

It reminded me that a new season of hope for Washington Husky football was just around the corner.

Grapes on the Vine

We are now in wine country and have to walk past dozens of vineyards watching as the grapes ripen as harvest time nears.

Sometimes on the Camino,
you have to walk through a vineyard

Our Albergue in Los Arcos

Does that say massage? I was all over this!

Two bikers with fashion sense

The hats with the shell is the traditional headpiece of peregrinos, but not me.


The first order of business when you arrive at an albergue this first week is attending to your most recent foot issues. Here Ulf helps to drain one of Michelle's many blisters.

Take care of your shoes too!

As soon as you arrive in an albergue, you must take your boots off to let them and your feet air out overnight.

Rather than eating another pilgrim's meal in a restaurant again tonight, we all opted to chip in to buy food at a local "Supermarket", a Mom and Pop store back in the states, and Michelle and Julie offered to cook for us.

Michelle is a graduate of Colgne's
Lorena Bobbitt Culinary Academy

Julie preparing the spaghetti
with a smile on her face

Imagine that.

Enough to feed an army of peregrinos


Since we bought and prepared too much food, there was only one thing to do, invite other peregrinos to join us in our tasty feast.

Thursday, September 2nd, STAGE 7
Los Arcos to Logroño

The Church in Los Arcos at daybreak

Slight drizzle in Viana

Is that a Pope?

Lunch in Logroño

Patatas Bravas ROCK MY WORLD!!! The ones made here in Logroño are easily the best on the Camino.

Otra caña por favor

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

If you desire a Bocadillo de Jamon,
you've come to the right place!

King Alfonso VI

Trine, Michelle and Marcel

We were shopping for a new pair of shoes as a possible answer to Michelle's multi-blistered feet. She found a pair of running shoes that did the trick the rest of the Camino.


My favorite street in Logroño

One because it reminds me of my beloved back in Camarillo and two. . .

Because you'll find great tapas bars there!!!

Commie Bastards and Their General Strike!

Logroño has great arcades

They protect you from the sun or the rain as needed.

Logroño's Cathedral

It was here two years ago that I first heard of the Camino de Santiago.

Who would have guessed?

Friday, September 3rd, STAGE 8
Logroño to Nájera

Marcelino the Peregrino

You'll find him just outside of Logroño. He specializes in free Camino advice, free fruits, nuts and drinks as well as fine grooming tips!

The Town of Navarette Beckons

We should reach Burgos in just
four more days

La Rioja Province is reknowned
for their red wines

Interesting on the vine
don't you think Richard Bellman?

Cranes build these huge nests
atop bell towers

This one is in Nájera and these nests are a very common sight throughout northern España.

Keys to the Kingdom

Bullfights were all around us

Unfortunately, we were never in a town when a corrida was being celebrated.

Goodbye Ulf

After eight days of walking with the worst blister on the Camino, Ulf decided to go home to Germany. How he made it this far with that horrible blister is beyond me.

Nájera's Main Church at Dusk

Saturday, September 4th, STAGE 9
Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Just Another Peregrino
Fired Up for Another Stage!

Actually, I also had a gray and a black dry fit shirt although it seems like I only got my picture taken when I wore this red one.

Forget the backpack, just walk
500 miles with your gear in a cart

I wonder what the people of Azofra
did with the peregrino cutout?

Oh, there it is at the other end of the town

An albergue with a Snorer's Room

YAHOO! Apparently I am the only snorer on the Camino. I got a room with about eight beds to myself. It was as close to a four star hotel as I would get for almost the next four weeks.

A roving band in
Santo Domingo de la Calzada

They were pretty good and roamed about the city bringing musical glee to the citizens.

The Cathedral of
Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Rooster Plates for Sale

These are due to the story of the two dead fowl who came to life off of the magistrate's dinner plate to validate that a miracle had occurred.

Veggies are good for you!

San Antonio de la Calzada's entry in the
"España's Best Bell Tower" contest

It was time to enter this ornate church to see if the inside matched the outside's granduer.

Hey, why does that guy have drapes
running through his eyesockets?

Down from the cross in gold

Two live chickens are always on display in
the Cathedral to honor the
Miracle of Santo Domingo

The BVM and her pierced heart

Beats me?

It was large, it was silver and I liked it


What the. . .?

Dinner al fresco on a warm night
in Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Middle Row on the Far Left

A vending machine that sells bottles of red wine.

España, what a country!

Sunday, September 5th, STAGE 10

Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado

Follow the Arrows and Keep Moving
Your Feet One Step at a Time

Eventually you'll reach your goal if you just take enough steps.

Keep on Truckin´!

There are lots of sunflowers in España

I like this very common color
for houses in Spain

I wonder if the L.A. Lakers' Pao Gasol
ever practiced dunking here?

Julie, Trine and Michelle excited that
our next albergue has a pool!

I was too. It was soon after this that Trine pulled a muscle that would put her out of commission for a few days.

Hostal Club Siroco in Vilamayor del Río

It was only after we called a taxi for Trine, who insisted that we keep walking while she waited alone for the cab in the Siroco, that we found out that it was the town's bordelo.

We all got a giggle out of this one.

The pool in Belorado was ICE COLD!

Perfect to help reduce the swelling in our legs, ankles and feet.


Not everyone liked the live music

I did.

The Four Best Tenors in Europe
all live right here in Belorado

At least that's what the Tenor in the green striped shirt on the left claimed.

Is that Ted Williams standing on the right?

I must admit that they were pretty darn good, especially the little guy in the middle and the man sitting down.

Don Agustín and his Barça Fan Club Card

He is the one who offered to buy me a "copa." I thought he meant a beer but he meant. . .


We are about 2/3rds finshed with our third copa, there would be more but who is counting.


I returned to the albergue, slightly toasted, to find that Felipe was being turned into a mystic guru by the girls.

What a great day on the Camino!


Dick Bellman said...

Strolling through vineyards as the grapes ripen, wonderful. Purchasing red wine from a vending machine seems kinda interesting, but good red wine is best consumed at room temperature. But in a squeeze, how handy.

David said...

You're right, that guy does look a little like Ted Williams.