Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The "World's Team" and Sweden vs. Denmark

The New Orleans Saints
are now

Saints' Safety #41 Roman Harper cuts down
Colts Running Back Joseph Addai
in Super Bowl XLIV action

That's our own Saints OLB #55 Scott Fujita in hot pursuit on the play. It was Scott who declared to the media after the game that the Saints were now
"The World's Team!"

On the upside, I'm sure that his comment irritated every Dallas Cowboy ("America's Team") fan in that very same "World".

On the downside, upon first reading his comment, my first thought was career ending concussion.

Then a funny thing started happening. I started to get e-mails and Face Book postings from players and friends in Italy and Sweden saying how they had all watched the Super Bowl, rooted HARD for the Saints to win and were so very happy for Scott.

Today, Uffe Palmbrink, the President of my new team in Sweden, the Hässleholm Hurricanes, sent me a link to an article by Tomas Gustavsson in the Sports section of today's NorraSkåne newspaper about Scott, the Super Bowl win and me . . . I think.

It is in Swedish so I'm guessing a little bit. To check out the article click on:

Based on all the communications I keep getting from Europe, Scott could be right after all, the Saints may very well be "The World's Team"!!!

Playing/Coaching American Football in Europe Seminar

This coming Thursday night at Rio Mesa H.S., I will be hosting a Seminar for players and coaches in the area who may be interested in enjoying an American football season in Europe.

Laurie will be there to address any questions about a woman's perspective on living overseas during the season.

Alex Garfio, who played running back for Rick Scott and me at Buena H.S. in Ventura and also for the Spanish League's Seville Linces last season, will be present to give his thoughts on life in Spain as a player.

I have no clue as to how many people will attend, one would make it worthwhile.

I will be using the same Power Point presentation I have used when I have visited with the Senior football players at Cal Lutheran, Occidental, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps and La Verne Universities the last few months.

David Lassen who writes for the Ventura County Star was gracious enough to write both an article and a blog post about the Seminar today. To view them, click on:

Thanks David!


The October, 2009 Issue of
The Ultimate Football Magazine

Our son, Mike, loves soccer (football to the rest of the known Universe or calcio in Italy) and this magazine all about football.

In his months old issue is an article entitled


The introductory sentence grabbed me: "They look and even sound the same, but ancient territorial wars, a hooligan culture and lots and lots of beer sends these Nordic neighbors running for their Viking helmets!"

While the article went on to vividly describe the rivalry between these normally peaceful civilizations in hilarious tones, what caught my eye at the end was a six part survey rating the superiority of each country in six areas that really matter.

Here are their findings:

FOOD: Denmark won this category based on frying nearly everything, something called Polse, boiled red sausage and a pastry called Wienerbroed. Sweden ranked high on the meatball scale but lost valuable points due to smelly fish dishes. DENMARK LEADS 1-0.

WOMEN: Sweden took this one as Swedish Women were rated as "Beautiful, a Greta Garbo or Victoria Silvstedt around every corner." SCORE TIED 1-1.

PARTYING: A critical area it would seem, while Swedes apparently go wild on the weekends, the Danes are more 24/7 types. Advantage Denmark. DENMARK 2 - SWEDEN 1.

MUSIC: Sweden has ABBA, The Cardigans, two members of Razorlight and Soundtrack of Our Lives. Denmark counters with Aqua? No contest, SCORE TIED AGAIN 2-2.

VIKINGS: Sweden had Crusades to the Baltic States and did defeat the Danes to secure Scania. Meanwhile the Danes sailed to Britain and northern France to conquer new territory. Chalk one up to Denmark. DENMARK NOW LEADS 3-2 with only one category left.

FOOTBALL: Sweden has great fans in Malmö and Göteborg and a derby in Stockholm is intense. They believe that Denmark has the strongest league in Scandanavia but they still gave the nod to Sweden. FINAL SCORE: A TIE 3-3!

I hate ties. It is now my sworn duty to evaluate all six of these areas myself in an effort to break this deadlock. I may have to come up with a new seventh critical area of my own to force the action!


This just in from the New York Daily News on somebody named Scott Fujita:

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