Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hässleholm Hurricanes Pursue Impact Linebacker

The Hässleholm Hurricanes' Uffe Palmbrink has made it official.

The 'Canes will spare no effort or expense to sign Sweden's 2010 Olympic Biathlon Gold Medalist, Björn Ferry, to be the cornerstone of an improved defense in the upcoming SAFF campaign.

Björn Ferry

No one is sure if Ferry has ever seen an American football game, much less played in one.

All of the coaches and front office personnel for the Hässleholm eleven believe that this is the right path for the team to take at this time based on the "THEY SAID IT" piece in the just released March 1, 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated.

When asked about his preferred disposition for athletes caught using performance enhancing drugs, Björn Ferry responded:

"I would dish out the death penalty in doping cases. Or at least lots of kicks in the balls."

With this mind set, Björn Ferry will soon be known as the "Swedish Dick Butkus" if you ask me!

It is not known yet if the Swedish American Football Federation rules will allow Björn to wear a rifle strapped to his back during games as he is accustomed to in the biathlon.

Hope so, it would certainly add to his mystique!


DPLassen said...

Sorry, the NBA has sole rights to athletes carrying firearms.

George said...

I should have known . . .