Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scott Fujita's N.Y. Times Super Bowl N.Y. Interview

Only four more days until Super Bowl XLIV live from Miami!

The Italian delegation representing the Catania Elephants and the "Sicilian Chapter of the Scott Fujita Fan Club" in Miami will include Matteo Belfiore, Peppe Strano and his Dad, Nino.


Matteo Belfiore on the far left with the
Notre Dame T-shirt

Peppe Strano on a knee in the white
"Pain is only temporary . . . " T-shirt

A much larger Catania Contingent was able to afford the New Orleans Saints vs. San Diego Chargers game played in London in 2008.

Matteo and Scott in London

Scott Fujita at yesteday's
Super Bowl Media Day

You can read some of his social commentary from Media Day at this New York Times link:


Anonymous said...


Just a minor correction. I believe that the Norwegians spell it lutefisk and the Swedes spell it lutfisk. You might check that with your boys in Hasselholm.

In any case, it is wonderful, tasty rotted fish! Hmmm!!


George said...

I stand corrected!