Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hail the Conquering Hero!

On Friday night at Ric's, a restaurant in Camarillo, Scott Fujita hosted a party upon his return from the Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.

Have I mentioned that his New Orleans Saints won the game?

Many would like to raise Scott
to heroic levels

But he is really still just a down to earth,
fun loving fellow.

Scott had to greet a lot of people at the door!

Joe Vitt, Saints Linebacker Coach

About 150 people were invited in part because of Joe Vitt.

Joe has been Scott's LB Coach for most of Scott's NFL career, first with the Kansas City Chiefs and now with the Saints.

When Scott took the microphone to say a few words he relayed something that Joe Vitt had told the team one day. His words of wisdom were simple but unique, he told them to play for the name on the BACK of their jerseys, i.e., their family and friends back home who loved them when nobody else would.

In his words, Scott tonight was saying a BIG THANK YOU to the people from his hometown that have indeed supported him for the past 30 years in good times and in bad!

I used to be 100% against names on the back of jerseys, too much about the individual. Now, with this new perspective, I'm not so sure anymore.

Laurie, Helen and Isabell

Michael Ornstein

Michael is a marketing agent who works closely with the NFL and Sean Payton, the Saints Head Coach.

We struck up the typical dinner party chit-chat and he eventually asked me what I did. After responding with the coaching American fooball in Italy and Sweden answer he said that at the Super Bowl he had been asked by the NFL office to find a pair of tickets for two Italians, none other it turns out than Catania's Peppe and Nino Strano!


Mike, Scott and Vanessa

Friends for 30 years now

A slew of great guys who Scott grew up and/or played football with in high school.

It was good to see some of these people who I had not seen in a few years.

Mike and Laurie

Laurie sporting Mike's replica Super Bowl XLIV jersey.

Vanessa talking with Jerry Springer

At least I think it was Jerry . . .

Everyone appears to be having a good time!

Laurie scores an autograph!

Scott was excited to add the "SB XLIV CHAMPS!"

It seems odd to have Laurie ask for an autograph from someone whose diapers she used to change . . .


Katie and Chris Nielsen

Two great people!

Scott's Dad, Rod, and I both coached Chris at Thousand Oaks H.S. in the early 1970's and Chris coached with us when I was at Westlake H.S.

Brian Ford, Rod, Jess "Take a Knee" Ortiz,
Helen and Laurie



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