Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 Elephants Catania Schedule Announced

The Elephants Catania have just announced our 2009 slate of games featuring five home games.  As always, the Italian Football League reserves the right to change any and all of this schedule at a moments notice just because they can.

The Incredible Joy of Playing
American Football for the Elephants!!!

2009 Elephants Catania Schedule

Saturday, March 21,  at Dolphins Ancona
Sunday, March 29,  at Lions Bergamo

Sunday, April 5,  Warriors Bologna
Sunday, April 12,  BYE
Sunday, April 19,  Hogs Reggio Emilia
Sunday, April 26,  Giants Bolzano

Sunday, May 3,  at Doves Bologna
Sunday, May 10,  Panthers Parma
Sunday, May 17,  BYE
Sunday, May 24,  at Rhinos Milan
Sunday, May 31,  Marines Lazio

At the end of the regular season, the top four teams will go to the playoffs with the Super Bowl game tentatively scheduled for the June 27-28 weekend at a site to be determined.



J TWICE said...

Hey George -

Good schedule - I believe we are off for your first game in Ancona (March 21st) - hopefully Christie and I could take a quick train down!

Also, just so you know - your first bye week we play in Vienna (April 12th weekend) - in case you were on your way up to Prague... and your second bye week we are playing the Eurobowl quarterfinal at home in Austria. Just an FYI... you'll probably be on top of a Pyramid or Skiing in Scandanavia!


George said...


We'll hook up one way or another for sure!