Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Change in Elephant Plans

I was informed today by our Catania Elephants' owner, Davide Giuliano, that QB Steve Panella has changed his mind about joining us in 2009.

Luke Tracy

Davide moved swiftly to sign a new QB, Luke Tracy, that comes highly recommended by his past coaches.

When queried about Luke, coaches used phrases like "great kid", "a stud", "plays with a linebacker's mentality", "a competitor" and "has a good football mind" to describe him.

He played his high school football at Irvine H.S. in southern California before moving on to Fullerton College and the University of Idaho.

You can see Luke in action at the following two websites:

Hey Luke...

"It's GREAT to be an Elephant!!!"

1 comment:

John Alamillo said...

Geez Coach, a couple more vintage coaches and it will rival the freshman staff!!!