Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 Rio Mesa Fall Sports Award Night

Monday night's "Fall Athletic Awards Night" signaled the final act of Rio Mesa's Fall Sports Calendar for 2008.

The Cross Country Program has both a Boys and a Girls team competing in the fall.

Our Master of Ceremonies, Athletic Director Brian FitzGerald

All of the team members and their parents meet in the gym first as the Varsity MVP of each sport is announced to all the people assembled.  Afterwards, dessert, coffee and punch are served before each sport breaks off to a different venue around the campus for their team awards.

Coach John Reardon, DE James Turner and me

Our entire staff believes that James is going to develop into a TREMENDOUS pass rushing Defensive End in the coming seasons.

With Ben Quantock

Our starting Falcon and Tight End, Ben led our team in receiving yardage.  A very solid player with a great work attitude is very hard to beat!

From left to right: Danny Solarez, Ralph Lemos, me, 2008 Frosh Team MVP Tanner Wrout, John Reardon and Brian FitzGerald. 

Unfortunately Mike Muro, who did such a GREAT job coaching our Offensive Line and our Linebackers could not attend the ceremonies.

To wrap up the season, I want to again thank all the parents for their non-stop support this season.  From the Team Moms to the Volunteer Drivers to the Videographers to the Team Photographers to the Post Game Snack and Drink Providers to the On-Campus Teacher/Parents who helped in tutoring the team to the coaching staff... WHAT A GREAT GROUP EFFORT!!!

Finally, to the 67 players that started and FINISHED the 8-2 season... "WAY TO GO SPARTANS!!!"

Remember that our first goal for the 2009 season is to have all 67 of you eligible and playing football for Rio Mesa!

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