Monday, December 1, 2008

2009 Italian Football League Update

The Italian Football League will be experiencing some MAJOR changes in the 2009 season.

The Elephants are excited about the hugh challenges ahead!

According to the latest news out of League Headquarters, we have been informed that both of the Palermo teams, the Corsari (2-8) and the Sharks (1-9), will not be part of the IFL in '09.

These departures would have reduced the league to only seven teams but it was also announced that three of the best teams out of National Football League Italy will be joining the IFL.  The three new teams are the Bologna Warriors, the Reggio Emilia Hogs (near Parma) and the Lazio Marines (Rome).

This reorganization makes the IFL MUCH STRONGER in the upcoming campaign as we lose two squads that were a combined 3-17 in the IFL last year and replace them with the three best teams from the NFLI which had a combined record of 29-2!!!

The ten IFL teams for 2009 are:

The Dolphins Ancona

The Dolphins struggled in 2008 going 1-9 in IFL play.

The Doves Bologna

The Doves finished their 2008 season with a record of 5-5.

Your Elephants Catania

The 6-5 Elephants lost to Bolzano in the 2008 IFL Semi-Finals.

The Giants Bolzano

11-1 in the IFL last season, losing only in the IFL Championship game.

The Hogs Reggio Emilia

The Hogs were the 2008 NFLI Super Bowl Champions with a perfect 12-0 record.

The Lions Bergamo

The 2008 IFL Champions sporting a final record of 10-2.

The Marines Lazio

The Marines were an NFLI Semi-Finalist in 2008 going 8-1, losing only to undefeated Reggio Emilia 39-40.

The Panthers Parma

Lost to Bergamo in the 2008 IFL Semi-Finals to finish at 8-3.

The Rhinos Milan

The Rhinos were 4-6 last year in the IFL wars.

The Warriors Bologna

The Warriors lost to the Hogs 14-28 in the 2008 NFLI Super Bowl to finish the season at 10-1.

The 2009 schedule of IFL games has not been announced as of yet.

The fun is just around the corner with practice starting again in February!

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Actually the Marines went 8-1 for the season, losing 39-40 in the semifinal by the Hogs.
The Warriors went 10-1 for the season, losing the Superbowl XXVIII from the Hogs.
And finally, the Hogs are the Superbowl XXVIII champions going undefeated 11-0 last season.
You can check all the scores on the FIF website.

George said...

Thank you for the updates and a website with their final records that I did not know about before. I'll edit my post to reflect these records.

With three new teams that went 29-2 in 2008, the IFL is going to be VERY competitive this year for sure!

Anonymous said...

Is there a 2009 schedule available yet? My son is Taber LeMarr and will be playing for the Elephants in the coming season and I would like to plan a vacation to the Mediterranean around the team's schedule and potential bye week. Look forward to meeeting George in person.

George said...

No schedule out yet but as soon as I know I'll post it on this blog.

I am REALLY looking forward to working with Taber this season!

J TWICE said...

George, can you please get your details correct. I am getting tired of all your retractions. Such reckless journalism will force me to cancel my subscription.

~ Chelsea Bastardo

DPLassen said...

Nice to see Jason handling the Chelsea-Arsenal result so well.