Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Last Weekend Before the Start of EuroBall Adventure XII

hectic but fun final weekend before joining our beloved Varese Skorpions in Italy for another EuroBall Adventure was on the schedule.

First up was a lunch in Camarillo with Debi and Cyndy Murphy at a new Mexican restaurant for us, Chili Peppers.

Laurie and I had a delightful time catching up with them after not seeing them for way too long a time.

I ordered a new dish for me,

It sizzled and steamed

It was also delicious!

It included cheese, chorizo, beef, chicken, shrimp and cactus cooked in an excellent spicy salsa. The rice, beans and tortillas on the side made for a great meal.

Our President had another moment

On a MUCH happier note . . .

On Friday, we had Jacob for a sleepover.

After picking him up from school and having our traditional late lunch at McDonalds, he asked to go to our local Home Depot to check out what they had in his quest to build a tree house today.

He loved the lumber section

He had a ball inspecting almost every section of the store.

My favorite moment was when he asked one of the salesmen where he could find the saws.

When he asked me to buy him a jackhammer was also a highlight of our trip to the Home Depot.

On the way home Jacob had a
shout out moment to his Mom

Saturday morning after a
sleepover means only one thing . . .


For the first time Jacob got to
pour the batter onto the grill

They were all pretty darn good
regardless of their shape

Saturday night we went down to Newport Beach to visit our dear friends Loren and Sandy Brucker.

Laurie and Sandy swapping stories

GREAT visit!

Sunday we headed to my Mother's house in San Marino to say goodbye.

Interestingly named business in Alhambra

I wonder what their logo looks like?

In front of our first home in San Marino
1430 Belhaven Road

With my Mom,
Chuny Contreras

Back in Camarillo with Jacob

Mary likes digging in the dirt
when not playing with her dolls

A good choice for Sunday
night dinner

A Double-Double with grilled onions was the obvious choice.

Especially after finally packing with sizable help from our son Michael!

So now it is Monday and I fly to Milan from LAX via Warsaw on Polish Air tonight.

It is finally time to join the
Varese Skorpions to gear up
for the 2018 season

Our first DII game is on Sunday, February 25th and is a Derby at that as we will travel just a few kilometers to play the Varese Gorillas.

 The weather this morning
when I awakened in Camarillo

Although it was only 48°F at the moment in Camarillo, it was scheduled to get up to a balmy 72°F by midday.

Meanwhile in Varese, Italy . . .

The high today was 41°F!

The low was scheduled to be 32°F, i.e., FREEZING!

Brrrrrrr . . .

Still, all in all . . .

. . . It's GREAT to be a Skorpion!

I'm excited to finally get this Adventure started with a new bunch of hungry players, coaches and fans.

Reading Is FUNdamental

"The man lay still,
as still as a piece of meat on a slab,
as still as death itself."

That was the opening line of the book, I was hooked.

This was another good read in Donna Leon's Commissario Guido Brunetti series based in Venice, Italy.

That makes the tenth book in the Brunetti series that I have devoured and I'm not even half way through this interesting series yet.



David said...

Safe travels, and good luck with the Skorpions! It was great seeing you last week.

George said...

GRAZIE a lei David.

ALLWAYS a pleasure seeing you, stay healthy!