Wednesday, January 17, 2018

First Full Day in LOVELY Venegono Superiore, Italy

Wednesday, 17 January, 2018

After a solid night's sleep, it was time to check in with social media and start exploring my new surroundings.

Laurie posted two pictures of my newest travel sign that arrived the day after I left California.

The Varese Skorpions are now part
of my collection

A big thank you as always to Sandy at Hampton Refurbished Wood for making all of our signs.

The EuroBall Wall is just
about out of room

Villa Skorpion from outside the gate

The Villa Skorpion is located in the village of Venegono Superior about ten minutes southeast of Varese.

Our street translates into
Flower Field

I am ALWAYS aware of
dogs on my walks

I started my walk going south
towards the neighboring village
of Venegono Inferiore

Nice cross at the traffic circle
just outside of the cemetery

Alert Eagle

Not sure what this group does

So many gnomes is part of what
makes Venegono Inferiore, well,

After my morning walk,
Dario D'Adelfio took me
to the supermarket to get
much needed supplies

He also got me registered in the supermarkets discount program.


After lunch, I took another walk, this time towards . . .

My new hometown

The map of the village

We have a nice sports complex

The new City Hall building

It translates as
Julius Caesar Road
Roman General

Who knew?

Giuseppe Garibaldi Road
General Patriot (1807-1892)

I think that every city, village and hamlet in Italy has a Via Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Nope, not going in here

The old City Hall

I need to get a library card ASAP

Access to free English language books and DVDs makes life overseas all the easier.

Of course it was closed

I'll try again tomorrow.

What is that building up on the hill?

Well first there was this old,
intriguing Chiesa Santa Maria

St. Christopher

The back side of
Chiesa Santa Maria

This was the base of the building
that caught my eye from a distance

African Mission Institute?

The BVM standing guard

This is now the
Missionari Comboniani

It is an extremely good
looking building atop this hill

St. Joseph and the Baby Jesus

A brightly colored old building
that was once a trattoria

A butcher shop specializing
in horse meat

Works for me if the horse meat tastes as good as it did in Catania nine years ago.

Chiesa San Giorgio

I stepped to take a look around but a Solemn High Mass had just begun, way too much singing for me.

Just liked the look

I may need to investigate
this in the near future

Another cool building in Venegono
Superiore that has seen better days


Oh my . . .

Goodness gracious

Somehow, I was STRONG!

I only had a small cup of coffee that had chocolate, whip cream and sweet, diced peanuts in it.

Not to be outdone,
Venegono Superiore has an eagle too

Texas A&M grads getting ready
for the return of the Texas game?

 I got to talk with Mary via
Facetime in the afternoon

In the evening, we had a
Skorpions coaches meeting

Of course it was at a restaurant that served excellent pizza, wine, beer, tiramisu and coffee.

It was a productive meeting with much lively and purpose driven discussion. We are off to a good start.

Tomorrow night I will attend my first practice with our Skorpions and I am sure that it will be . . .

A GREAT night for American football!

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