Saturday, January 27, 2018

An Early Morning Shopping Trip to Varese, Skorpions Practice and a Car

Saturday, 27 January, 2018

A rainy start to the day but blue skies were on the horizon.

I opted to walk to the Venegono Inferiore train station to hop on board the next train headed either south to Milan or north to Varese.

Varese it was . . .

Today is the International Day
of Remembrance of the Holocaust

The media has been doing a great job in support of this somber day for the past week. This poster announces a special talk on the subject tonight at the Venegono Superiore City Hall.

A Private Investigator's car

Subtle, very subtle . . .

Not many people out yet in Varese

While I liked this
pizzeria's sign . . .

. . . I liked their entryway more

All sorts of flour on display

Varese's iconic Bell Tower

How old is this carving?

How old is the house?

Any establishment that bears
this emblem is a good one

Random courtyard

Nice fountain

Interesting Wash Basin

I like blue around my sun dials

Looking good!

Really good!

A fork in the road

Keep Laurie away from here!

The Need for Peace

I went into this church today

It was beautiful inside but with Mass in progress, I didn't think that taking photos was the right thing to do.

Bell Tower still looking
great on a gloomy morning

Nice mural above the main doorway

Getting hungry

A crepe sounded great but there was
no one to be seen to make me one

Christmas dies hard in Varese

My train for the 15 minute ride
back to Venegono Inferiore

Meanwhile, back at Skorpion Field in Vedano Olona . . .

 Lots of Flag football going on

The player in yellow with his hand up is designating that he will blitz from the required seven yards of depth at the snap.

So much for the mystery of blitzing.

More Flag football with
our younger players 

As for our Seniors, mixed results.

We did have over 30 enthusiastic, hard working and coachable players show up but only two Offensive Linemen answered the roll call.

 These QBs and RBs stayed
after practice was over to
get a few extra reps

It was getting colder and foggier
by the minute

But like the great Skorpions that they are, they persevered.

One last snap

I learned a long time ago to not worry about those missing practice, concentrate on the dedicated ones who come to work and learn.

Still, we NEED more Offensive Linemen so that we can work on our timing before our scrimmage against a good Verona Mastini team that went 8-2 in 2017.

This scrimmage will take place on Sunday, February 11th at Skorpion Field.

I given the keys to my car after practice,

Ciao a Tutti!


David said...

So, what kind of car? Ferrari? Lamborghini? Bughatti?

George said...

Red Ferrari Testarossa of course!