Sunday, December 10, 2017

One Last Walk Through Practice and Media Day

Friday, December 8, 2017:

Our last day before the big game was another good one . . .

It started with a 7:00 a.m. meeting

One of the young ladies who cleans our rooms wanted a photo with all the Warriors first.

Who were we to say no? 

With Ed Reza our

 Another FULL day!

 LOVE this design on
Mexico Team Wear!

 The entrance to our practice field

Post practice introduction of
Team Captains

After practice we loaded up the team bus and the coaches van for the trip back to the hotel.

Of course the coaches van
broke down

But only about three blocks from the FirstInn Hotel.

We needed the exercise.

In the late afternoon we headed back to the University to partake of Media Day.

The Warriors, USA Eagles and both
the Mexican Senior and U19 were in the plaza

Preparing for a Team Photo

With WR Alberto Onofre Martinez Talavera
from Spain

The Offensive Line and their Coaches

 With Jack Muntwlyer
from Switzerland

With K Tyrone Erasmus
from the United Kingdom

With our Head Trainer

With the amazing Luis Rodarte
our Offensive Tackles Coach

With QB Narcis Bach I Jovani
from Spain

The DB corps and Coaches
Danny Tam and Tobias Fuchs

Time for the Ceremonies

Lots of people in attendance

 More Mexico Team Apparel

Presentation of the Flag
by Team Mexico

Team Picture
L. to R.: Mexico U19s in green, the
Europe Warriors in white, Mexico Senior
team in green and the USA Eagles in red 

With Ed Reza and one
of the Mexican coaches

Meeting our opponents

 Players bonding quickly

 Coaches too

With OL Lenny Kistler
from Switzerland

With Offensive Coordinator
Erick Pérez

He has a good football mind and is going to be a GREAT coach!

 Friendships growing

We're outnumbered

 Nice souvenir posters

With DB Pablo Araya
from Spain

Great story about Pablo, he was selected early as a Warriors DB.

He feared that he might not be good enough to earn much playing time so he got on YouTube and researched long snapping videos as a way to get more playing time.

Apparently he set up a target on a wall somewhere in his home back in Catalonia and had at it.

Sure enough, he became our best long snapper and will take all of our punt and FG/PAT snaps.

Oh by the way, Pablo is a pretty good DB too, he will be our starter.

And a team captain.


With DT Alex Ertl
of Austria

The Ceremonies over, we were supposed to go to the gym area for a dinner with our Mexican U19 counterparts.

Unfortunately, we were waylaid be the aroma of tacos on the grill.

With OL Levi Brock
from the United Kingdom

Warriors in Feeding Frenzy Mode

We were all over the various
eating spots on campus

 Boys love to eat tacos . . .

. . . so does Head Coach Bart Iaccarino!

The BBQ dinner in the gym was good too

Even after all of the tacos, players and some coaches still ate here.

With WR Danny Carrol
from the United Kingdom

With RB Andreas Henstein, WR Jørgen
Gulbrandsen and WR Edy Matson Dos Santos
all from Norway

Volleyball Anyone?

The Catalunya Warriors contingent

Sleep tight Warriors, the big game is just hours away now.

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