Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Little Fun, a Lot of American Football

Thursday, December 7, 2017:

While Southern California is still ablaze and Camarillo is safe for the moment, your U19 Europe Warriors were getting another better with Game Day now only two days away.

Coaches Alex Posito, Erick Pérez,
Gustavo Rosso and Luis Rodarte

The Warriors were bright and chipper
at our 7:00 a.m. meeting today

They were told to bring their swim trunks and a towel again today for the daily mandatory, post practice ice bath.

But they would be in for a surprise. 

We were led to this University building

The players waited patiently

No ice baths this morning

The Universidad Autónoma Chapingo's
logo is the Wild Bulls

I like the addition of the swim goggles and swim cap.

Taking the plunge

DB Toby Witaliz from Poland
has skills

Race Time!

The Three Amigos
With Mauricio Jaworski and
Preston Bailey

We continue to flirt with a second strike as we hang out together but we are doing better with being on-time.

After swim time, our coaches and players headed over to the practice fields to watch the practices of both the USA Eagles and Mexican Senior All-Stars that will do battle after our game on Saturday.

USA Eagles kickers' helmets 

With USA Eagles CB Ryan Archie

I met Ryan on Wednesday at lunch on campus. We talked for a few minutes before introducing ourselves.

When we did he said "George Contreras? You're George Contreras? Man you are famous all over EuroPlayers! It's an honor to meet you."

Now that was humbling.

 After watching the USA Eagles
practice, we headed over to the
Mexican Seniors

Ruben Zedejas RB
Anahuac Leones

According to our photographer, Sue Valdivia, Ruben is one of Mexico's very best players, he will be ending his career soon to start his studies that will lead Ruben to a career as a Medical Doctor.

Mexican players watching practice

Sue Valdivia and
LB/DL Max Gonzalez

With OL David Casarubia

We talked some EuroBall, David is interested in coming overseas in the near future to continue his career.

Mexican Seniors scrimmaging

The Wild Bull or
Toro Salvaje

A DIII soccer team in Texcoco

I believe that the USA Eagles came to practice today aboard this bus.

 Alberto Martinez Talavera
showing his new Europe Warriors
game jersey

 Back View

Mauricio Jaworski

Giving autographs on the street

Our players are still being treated as rock stars by the locals.

Waiting for the bus to practice

The Coaches Party Bus
continues to be a big hit!

In case you were wondering about
some of the Mexican university
helmet decals . . .

Our evening practice stressed
play polish

How did this nice, post practice
photo op get . . .

 . . . this out of hand?

Or this Spanish player photo . . .

. . . for that matter?

The girls are part of the University's
Toritos flag football team

With our British players

A Toritos player with our
Tackles Coach Luis Rodarte

Yes, THAT Luis Rodarte! 

Luis is considered to be one of the greatest Offensive Linemen to ever play in the Mexican collegiate ranks.

He played for our Europe Warriors Senior team last August due to having played for the Osos Rivas in Spain.

He was the Number 1 draft pick of the Mexican pro league's Condores club this Fall.

At four years old this RB
is the smallest player in the
Toritos youth program . . .
. . . and beloved by the Warriors!

More autographs

After our Warriors' practice, Mauricio, Preston and I joined Luis Rodarte to go watch his Condores pro team practice.

 Searching for sustenance at
the OXXO store introduced us
to this fellow

The Condores practice at Mexico's Olympic Traing Center in Mexico City.

Quite an amazing facility

 Conditions time of the season

El Tepeyac restaurant in East L.A.?

Luis blocking on the left

More of Luis . . .

. . . and even more of Luis blocking

Cool Mexican National team jersey
with a Gijón Mariners helmet
from Spain

 The Condores Head Coach was an
import player for the Palermo Sharks
back in 2008, my first season in EuroBall
in Catania with the Elephants

Preston, Irving Alamilla and Mauricio

Irving was a RB for the Europe Warriors last August and is now playing for the Condores. 

DEFINITELY got my dose of
exercise today

It was truly a GREAT day for American football!

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