Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Horrific News From Home While the Europe Warriors Continue to Improve

Tuesday, December 5, 2017:

The day started on a decidedly negative note with devastating news from Ventura . . .

The Thomas Fire has destroyed
immense amounts property . . .

 . . . and endangered lives

The only good news for us personally is that this out of control blaze is currently no threat to Laurie, our home and the city of Camarillo.

Meanwhile, down in Texcoco, Mexico the work towards our game this Saturday continued.

 Today's Two-a-Day Schedule

A van load of U19 Europe Warriors
Coaches heading to work on Sunday

Players waiting for the bus to
whisk us away to the University
and our morning practice

While the players dressed, I decided to take a look at the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo's baseball stadium.

Spacious area behind home plate

The baseball scoreboard could
use some paint

I felt that we once again made good progress in today's morning workout.

 Joey Fuentes from Spain
bought a whole bunch of
NFL sox between practices

At about $1 USD a pair, who could blame him?

While waiting for the afternoon
bus to practice . . .

Fans kept asking for photo ops

Music on the way to practice

Bart Iaccarino
U19 Europe Warriors Head Coach

I would coach with Bart anytime, anywhere . . .

GREAT Coach!

Our evening practice

 Good Pass Protection

 Body on a Body!

More photo op requests at our
practice facility

 Not an American football photo op,
they thought that I was Santa Claus

While the team took ice baths, Coach Mauricio and I slipped into the center of campus to enjoy . . .

Tacos at Rosy's with our three amigos

That's $14 Mexican pesos per taco, about 90 cents USD.

The two longaniza ones I devoured were outstanding!

Back at our hotel, the photo ops
requests started yet again . . .

. . . and again!

Look who joined our
Offensive Meeting . . .

A Varese Skorpion!

He was asleep for sure, probably dead.


Stay safe people of Ventura County!

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